Painting uPVC Windows And Doors Step-by-step Guide

You can paint uPVC windows and doors, but you must prepare and use the right paint so it lasts the test of time!

Painting uPVC Windows & Doors
Painting uPVC Windows & Doors

If you just slap any paint on uPVC windows and doors then it will peel or simply flake away when it becomes weathered.

You must use oil-based paint to achieve results worthy of painting your uPVC windows and doors.

Oil-based paint will last much longer when compared to water-based or acrylic paints.

Before you start painting your uPVC windows and doors you could try cleaning them with a good UPVC cleaner.

The Best uPVC Paint

Oil-based paints are favourable when painting uPVC. This because they dry hard and more suited for outside areas!

Many paint brands are claiming to be specifically for uPVC but are water-based and will not last very long.

Rust-Oleum Universal Paint

Rust-Oleum all-surface

The best paint for uPVC is Rust 0-Leum’s all surface paint. It does not need undercoating and can be painted straight on prepared uPVC.

Rust O-Leum all surface paint compares extremely well when compared to the many alternatives.

I have used many versions of uPVC paints and have always had trouble with flaking and cracks.

Although Rust O-Leum will also peel if you do not prepare your uPVC before painting.

If you prep and follow our simple guide below then you will have bright white windows and doors again.

Rust-Oleum Universal Paint Details

  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Price Range: £12-20

Check Latest Price

Preparing uPVC Windows And Doors For Painting

Before you start painting uPVC windows and doors you must prepare for a successful DIY task.

To make sure your paint can grip/key to the uPVC surface we would suggest you scuff them slightly with sandpaper @220-grade.

This level of grit is high and will only dull your uPVC, this is a must for a successful paint job.

Give them a good clean with a de-greaser so there is no barrier, making sure they are dry before you start.

  • Scuff slightly with 180 grade
  • Clean with a de-greaser (washing-up liquid)
Oil Your uPVC Windows And Doors
Oil Your uPVC Windows And Doors

Painting uPVC Windows And Doors

Once you have cleaned and scuffed your uPVC windows and doors they are ready for painting. You can spray or brush your windows depending on your preference.

Use electrical tape around the windows and make sure you cover the black/brown seal.

This will keep them looking tidy, you do not want this paint drying on the rubber seals because it looks messy and is hard to remove once dry.

  • Spray or brush
  • Use electrical tape for windows (cutting-in)

Top Tip: You can paint both inside and outside of your uPVC windows and doors around the home! Always paint your windows open. Paint the frame, then the window and do not close the window until dry. Only paint on a sunny day so you are not disappointed when it rains!


uPVC windows and doors can age over time but still, work perfectly. Over time your white will become off-white due to the sun, rain and elements.

Over the years, especially the suns UV rays will change the colour of your uPVC frames.

So it does pay to paint them and maintain your doors and windows to keep them in a workable condition all year round.

Happy Painting 😉

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