Can I Screw Into Wood Filler?

You can screw into wooden filler but it will not be strong enough to hold something such as a TV bracket, heavy picture or hold a joint.

Screwing Into Wood Filler
Screwing Into Wood Filler

For wooden cabinets, chairs and structure frames if you screw into wooden filler then it will likely fail no matter what type of wood filler you use.

Alternatives To Wood Filler

We would advise you to use a grip fill or a two-part resin to secure your kitchen cupboards and other carpentry joints.

Another option would be to use a wooden dowl or plug, you simply cut a piece of wood the same size as the hole, cover in PVA glue and gently tap it in.

Once it’s dry you can screw into it and it will stay firm. If you rely on wood glue to hold a screw then you will be disappointed and your project will likely fail in a few months or so.

  • Grip fill
  • Dowels and PVA
  • Wooden plug and PVA

Applying Wood Filler

Applying wood filler is an easy job that needs a small prep time. You must clean and remove any sawdust before applying filler.

Always overfill wood filler because it tends to shrink, but you will also need to apply enough so you can sand down.

Sanding down wood filler will smooth it out and blend it into the wooden background.


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