Can You Use Emulsion Paint On Wood?

Yes, you can use emulsion paint on any wood in the house. Emulsion paint works great on wood and can even be used as an undercoat on stairs, spindles, skirting board, doors, frames the list goes on.

Examples of emulsion paint on wood
Examples of emulsion paint on wood

But, you cannot use emulsion paint on wooden floors. Sanding floorboards and painting them has come back into fashion.

If you use emulsion paint on your floor it will come off when you walk over it making your floor age extremely badly!

Tips For Using Emulsion Paint On Wood

If you have some excess emulsion paint and wanted to use it as an undercoat then you will save money. Emulsion paint can also finish wood, it comes in many colours and textures such as matt and silk!

  • Sand and smooth any wood before painting
  • Use a brush and apply 2 or 3 coats of emulsion paint
  • Or 2 coats as an undercoat and then apply a good gloss paint

Just sand your wood down and make sure it’s nice and smooth before you apply the emulsion paint. Use a brush to apply the paint, a few coats will be needed to protect your wood and get the desired colour!

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