Can You Use Gloss Paint Outside In The Garden?

Gloss paint is great for external use because once dried it’s waterproof and stands up great against both heat and cold temperatures.

Using Gloss Paint Outside
Using Gloss Paint Outside

Many people who use gloss in the garden will find it fails from behind due to damp and incorrect preparations such as undercoating and sealing.

You must treat gloss the same as you would when painting wood.

It needs to be sealed or it will just peel away because the masonry brick or stone will suck the moisture from your paint.

TOP TIP: Gloss can be used on metal, wood and masonry surfaces in the garden.

Preparing Masonry Wall For Gloss Paint

Here is how you can use gloss paint outside without it failing. Preparation is a must to secure a good job that will last the test of time!

We would advise you to you a sealer before applying the undercoat.

Using PVA & Water Mix

You can use 1/2 water and 1/2 PVA Glue mix, this techniques works every time and will make sure your paint job holds and looks great for the years to come.

Simply mix your PVA/water and brush it over the wall. Once it is dry it creates a seal so no moisture will be lost from the undercoat making it key once dry.

After you have sealed the wall you should apply two coats of undercoat ready for the gloss paint.

  1. Repair your wall with sand/cement mix
  2. Apply the PVA/water mix to the wall
  3. Apply two coats of undercoat
  4. finish with a coat of the best gloss paint


Gloss is a great all-round paint that takes to any surface if correctly prepared. Using gloss paint in the garden is a great idea that not many people make use of.

Once dry gloss paint lasts many years outside because it is hard and waterproof.

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