What Are The Best Cat Deterrents That Keeps Them Out Of My Garden?

There is nothing worse when you wake up in the morning and discover you have had cats using your garden as their litter tray!

Cat Deterrents - What Works The Best?
Various Cat Deterrents

They dig up all the soil and anything in the surrounding area.

Is It Good To Use Cat Deterrents?

Yes, I use to have more than one cat in the garden overnight and would always wake with a surprise poo dug into my flower beds!

I also have children, and they enjoy playing in their sandpit, which was their favourite place to take a wee and have a poop!

We live in the city and have numerous cats next door, but they do not come in my garden anymore because I have over the years discovered the best cat repellents that stop cats from using my garden as a giant litter tray!

I love cats! But I do not like them making my garden their toilet ground! So, I set out determined to deter them safely and effectively!

TOP TIP: Remember, cats are free to roam, it’s not the neighbour’s fault, and they are perfectly legal to let their cats do their business in your garden. So, it’s up to you to make it a place they do not want to come!

The Best Options – Shortlist

  1. Silent Roar
  2. Pestbye Cat Scarer
  3. Primrose Water Repellent

Best Cat Deterrents & Scarers

I have used many natural cat repellents over the years such as lemons, oranges, scarecrows, even resorting to attaching cat spikes on my fence!

But, they all failed, and I would seem to get even more cats attracted to my garden the more methods I tried until I discovered these deterrents, listed in this article.

#1 Silent Roar Repellent/Deterrent

Lion Dung - Silent Roar
Lion Dung – Silent Roar

Yes, lion dung! Silent Roar is in high demand and can cost £23; it is well worth the price tag.

I first started using this product over a year ago now, and I rarely get cats coming into my garden.

But you have to use it right, only put it on the outside of your garden, near your walls. You can dig it in your soil or put it on your walls.

All I know its works 90% of the time and the best cat deterrent I have ever used!

Silent Roar Features

  • Safe cat Deterrent? YES
  • 90% effective
  • Natural product
  • Easy to Purchase
  • Small pellets

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#2 Pestbye Cat Scarer Repellent

Pestbye Ultrasonic Cat Scarer
Pestbye Ultrasonic Cat Scarer

Cats are susceptible to sounds and high-frequency noise, especially when blared out of the garden and will deter them from entering!

Although, us adults cannot hear this noise buy younger children can.

This because their ears will pick up higher frequencies compared to us adults. But, cats will pick it up a mile away!

The Pestbye Cat Scarer is not a continuous noise and works by a sensor, so when a cat enters your garden and sets the sensor, the device lets out a high pitched sound making the cat run away (AND NOT RETURN!)

I would say this device worked 70/80% of the time for me. Maybe some cats were hard of hearing in my area!

Pestbye Cat Scarer Features

  • Safe cat Deterrent? Yes, although children will hear this device!
  • 70/80% % effective
  • Electronic product
  • Easy to Purchase
  • High frequency

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#3 Primrose PestBye – Water Repellent!

Primrose PestBye - Water Spray
Primrose PestBye – Water Spray

The Primrose PestBye is a smart device that sprays water in the direction of the cat when it enters your garden!

I found this product to be useful, works well when used with any of the two cat deterrents listed above.

You connect this device to your central hose but will only use your water supply for 5 seconds when triggered (activated) by a cat in your garden.

Primrose PestBye Features

  • Safe cat Deterrent? Yes
  • 70/80% effective
  • Electronic product
  • Easy to Purchase
  • Water spray

The Perfect Cat Deterrent Combination!

After many months of testing different devices and techniques, I found the most successful method was using the lion dung and the water spray.

I spread the lion poo around the borders of my garden and the sprayers on either side of my fence.

If you want to protect a specific patch or flower bed, then I suggest you use the water spray for a more targeted area!

  1. I refresh the lion dung once a week because it will lose its scent after about a 1/2 weeks
  2. With the sonic & water repellent make sure the batteries are charged, depending on the type of cells you are using I would suggest you check these once every two/three a week.

Yes, you will find many devices and techniques on the internet.

I found out that most of these best cat deterrents do not work and fail to protect your garden from cats and other four-legged intruders such as foxes & dogs.

Cat Deterrent FAQ’S

What about using oranges & lemons?

We have used these deterrents before, but cats tend to walk straight on by. These citrus smells are only slightly uncomfortable to their senses. We would advise our readers that they do not work.

How often should I apply lion dung?

We top up our lion dung once a week and tend to focus on the access points. But, it will depend on your garden layout.

Am I allowed to wet my neighbour’s cat?

Yes, it is in your garden! But double-check with your neighbour if you see there might be a problem! Ask them if you are ok to spray their cat to keep it out of your garden.

Are cat spikes legal?

Yes, the plastic ones are legal! Do not cause any harm to a cat because they don’t know any difference! Check out a more detailed explanation of cat spikes and where to fix them to your fence for maximum effectiveness.


We love a discussion and would like to hear what works in your garden.

If you have any techniques, you have found that works, then you can share these in the comment section below for other readers to use!

2 thoughts on “What Are The Best Cat Deterrents That Keeps Them Out Of My Garden?”

  1. I have used all types of deterrents for animals in my garden, I have used sprays, lemons, i even got a Jack Russell. But, theey just keep coming back! The lion dung sounds like a good idea and I will be trying this technique next! I live in the city and everyone seems to be breeding cats! Thanks for the ideas because I really need some help with this issue for em and my family!

  2. Hey Tracy,

    The Lion Dung and the sprayer work great. I have sand pits and bark in my garden and I have not had any cats in there so far! I also live in the city, good luck. Make sure you put the dung on the boundary of your garden!


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