What Is Polycrylic And How Do I Apply It?

Polycrylic is a water-based wood coating used to treat wooden furniture and accessories around the home. It preserves any type of wood against moisture, heat, scuffs and UV fade. I will answer all your recent questions about Polycrylic and why … Read more

Can I Paint Gloss Straight On Wood?

Normal gloss paint cannot be used straight on bare wood, this is because it will soak into the wood and will never cover. For gloss paint to set bright white you must prime and seal the wood before applying the … Read more

Can You Mix Gloss Paints?

Yes, you can mix gloss paints, but make sure you mix thoroughly before painting. Most gloss paints are made the same and will mix easy enough. When you come to mixing your gloss paints fill the tin close the lid … Read more

What Are The Best Garage Floor Paints?

Floor paint for concrete must be a hard drying but flexible paint so it can withstand being cleaned, scrubbed and driven over. With many garage floor paint brands claiming the top spot, there are only a few brands we would … Read more