How Do I Remove Paint From My Hands?

Removing paint from your hands will vary from paint type. Water-based and emulsion paints will need soap, water and an abrasive pad. If you get oil-based paints on your hands then you will need to use an oil such as … Read more

Can I Paint Gloss Straight On Wood?

Normal gloss paint cannot be used straight on bare wood, this is because it will soak into the wood and will never cover. For gloss paint to set bright white you must prime and seal the wood before applying the … Read more

How To Clean A Paintbrush And Keep Its Shape?

A paintbrush is the most important tool when it comes to painting and decorating. You should always clean your paintbrush because next time you will be presented with a rock-solid brush that is never going to paint again. Oil-based and … Read more

Why Is My New Emulsion Paint Cracking?

Cracking paint can be caused by many issues, such as damp, new plaster and cheap paints. If you have recently painted your walls and ceiling and noticed cracks appearing in the corners and across your walls then there is an … Read more