Clearwater Reviews for Above Ground Hot Tubs & Pools

Clearwater is the no1 all-round pool and hot tub solution to keeping your water clean and free from algae. But, is Clear Water the best brand for your hot tub or swimming pool?

Clearwater Review For Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools!
Clearwater Review For Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools!

This Clearwater review into the products sold under the Clear Water brand will reveal if it’s worth the high price tag and what are the alternatives?

There is no getting away from it, Clearwater is heavily promoted and comes as an accessory when you make an inflatable pool or hot tub purchase. You will receive a tester amount that will last a few days. For aboveground inflatable hot tubs and pools you only really need to use chlorine and a decent pump to keep the water clean and algae free.

Feet Traffic!

But this will highly depend on your usage and traffic in and out of the pool because every time you get out and in again, you will bring in debris from your feet! Which is the most common cause of dirt, grit and soil, so having a decent pumping system is key to reducing this type of dirt.

Top Tip: wash your feet in a bowl or wet towel before submerging them into your hot tub or pool!

Algae Growth

The other issue with above ground inflatable pools and hot tubs are algae! Algae will produce in your pool in a matter of days if you have not treated it with chlorine. Once algae have started to multiply it can take up to a week to get it removed, with Clear Water, they help with PH, Algea and other chemicals to make your water clear and algae free!

PH Levels!

Having the correct level of 7.4 is key to a healthy pool or hot tub. If it’s low, you will experience sore eyes, dry throat and itchy skin. If you have a summertime above ground pool or hot tub, then PH levels will not change too much as long as your using the correct amount of chlorine.

Who is ClearWater?

ClearWater has been trading in the Uk for many years; they provide the Uk market with a wide variety of water treatment kits for both hot tubs and pools that are above and below ground. ClearWater claims to be your all-in-one solution to clearer water, that is free from algae and by using their dip tests will have the correct PH levels!

Best Price Breakdown and Review Rating:

  1. Test of time: 2/5
  2. Price RANGE: 2/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 2/5
  4. Average £25 – £35

Review Digest – ClearWater is the leading treatment for above ground swimming pools and hot tubs! They are heavily promoted this time of year due to the many above ground pools and hot tubs being purchased and set up all over the UK.

Their chlorine mixture is JUST chlorine that is sold all over the UK at a 3rd of the price, and the dip tests are the same! We have a hot tub set up all year round and only ever need to use chlorine to keep it in top condition.

We use floaters and add two tablets every few days plus granules. With pools, it all depends on the size of the pool all chlorine containers will list the requirements. Over the years we have ended up with so many bottles of algaecide & PH bottles because they are rarely used, so this is a waste of money!

Reviewers Experience And Tips

  • Clearwater provides a wide variety of pool treatment chemicals; we only use the chlorine and testing strips to check on chlorine levels. If your pool is thousands of litres, then you should be investing in Ph & algaecide chemicals because it cannot be emptied or refilled easily!


  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Many options to choose from
  • Easily available


  • Overpriced

Editors Notes – Clearwater Reviews!

I purchased the big pack at around £32; it was supposed to help with the treatment of my hot tub and make it crystal clear! I only ended up using the chlorine chemical and the other bottles have been sitting in the garage ever since. I found that you can just purchase a tub of chlorine tablets for a third of the price from Amazon! Dave T UK.

Worthless and a gimmick, we used the algaecide because we left the pool sitting for a week with no chlorine added. The Clearwater algaecide made it worse! So emptied and started again! You can never get it right with the inferior products sold by Clearwater! Russell, US.

If you’re setting up a pool or hot tub for the summer months that is above ground, then you ONLY need to use chlorine, a decent pump and algaecide once a month if needed.

If you keep your pool topped up with chlorine, you will not need to use any of the other products sold by Clearwater!

There are many sellers on Amazon who sell 50 tablets for £5! Chlorine is a cheap chemical that is essential for water to stay algae free and safe to swim in. Clearwater is overpriced and over-marketed; many Clearwater reviews reveal this. Once you have started using your pool or hot tub and topping up chlorine levels, you will not need the other chemicals promoted by Clearwater!

Have you used Clearwater for your above ground pool or hot tub?

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Happy swimming and soaking;)

Clearwater Hot Tubs & Pools 37.00
Clearwater Review For Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools!

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