Coleman Pools vs. Intex Pools – What’s the Difference?

Coleman Pools vs. Intex Pools

When you are looking to invest in an above ground pool for your home, there will always be plenty of options to choose from.

But if you know anything about these pools, then you should know that buying from top brands like Coleman and Intex almost always guarantees you of getting something top quality.

However, given that the two almost have an equal market share and the same level of popularity, it is not always easy to choose between them. Here we aim to change this with our overview of the two brands and by highlighting their key differences.

Coleman Pools Overview

Coleman Pools

Photo: Coleman

Coleman is a famous US brand that has been making a wide variety of outdoor recreational equipment from camping gear to above ground pools for many years. They are highly reputed for making some of the finest quality products.

Their above ground pools are known for almost always being of top quality which explains why they are some of the bestselling out there. Besides the high-quality construction, the Coleman pools also come in some attractive designs that will ensure they always look good in your compound.

And they will work for almost any home whether you have a large or small yard as they will come in an adjustable size that allows them to fit different spaces.

There is also no argument that Coleman is one of the leading brands in this market segment when it comes to innovation as they are always adding new technologies to their above ground pools to make them perform even better.

Many users also seem to appreciate that most of their pools are quite straightforward to install without requiring any professional help. And their maintenance is also easier than when using other brands.

But, there are still a few common complains that many customers will have about their products with key among them being that the ladders they include tend to be a little shaky.


  • Pools come in some attractive designs
  • Super easy to maintain
  • Straightforward to install
  • Conveniently adjustable sizes


  • Ladders on most models are a little shaky

Intex Pools Overview

Intex Pools

Photo: Intex

Intex is another US brand that is more famous for its above ground pools despite also producing many other items just like Coleman.

This top above ground pool brand offers some groundbreaking products that are characterized by top-notch overall construction, and they do so at prices that are hard to beat with products from other companies like Coleman.

Another factor that makes Intex a great brand is that they have a wide variety of products in the market as their business model tries to cater to all kinds of consumers. Hence, whether you are looking for a small pool for a few users or something large that comes in a particular shape, you can always be confident that Intex will have something for you.

And with the simple pool designs and inclusion of lightweight equipment, their pools will also give you an easier time to use and maintain. To crown it all, many users also love that they have very good customer service.

The most significant drawback and what many users tend to complain about Intex is that some of the components that they provide such as the pump are not of the best quality. Also, like with many other above ground pools, the ladders on the Intex pools seem a little shaky.

Recommended Product: Intex 28253EH


  • Highly affordable
  • Wide variety of products
  • Super easy to install
  • Simple design and lightweight equipment


  • Included pump, not the best quality
  • Shaky ladders

Comparison Chart

Coleman Pools

Intex Pools

Standout Feature

Power steel technology

Prism frame, 3-ply liner


Filter pump, ground cloth, ladder, pool cover, and maintenance kit

Instructional DVD, pool cover, ladder, ground cloth, and pump

Adjustable Size


Not always

Ease of Set-Up

Depends on the specific model

Super easy

Ease of Maintenance

Much easier

Easy enough




Coleman vs. Intex Pools

Unless you already have a specific preference, you will need to know how the Coleman and Intex pools differ to ensure you make an informed choice because from the surface both look good enough. And while their actual differences will depend on the specific models you choose, here are some overall things that set these two brands apart.

1. Standout Feature

One or a few things that set every brand apart from the other and the same is also true with Coleman and Intex. These standout features are what make them special and perhaps why many users will choose one over the other.

Coleman Pools

For the Coleman pools, one of the most outstanding features is the power steel technology which is used to make the frame on most of their pools.

And as you might have guessed, this frame is super sturdy to ensure it not only lasts longer but can also take more water weight.

Intex Pools

With Intex pools, on the other hand, one thing that many users seem to love most is the prism frame. Just like what you get on Coleman pools, this frame design is built for maximum durability and to keep the pool safe for use for many years. 

Besides the sturdy frame design, the Intex pools will also offer a more durable liner material that features 3-ply construction with 3 layers of extremely durable material for long service life.

2. Accessories

The accessories that you will get on both the Coleman and Intex pools will depend on the specific model that you are buying because different models will need different accessories.

However, when buying most Coleman above ground pools, you can expect to get a filter pump, ground cloth, ladder, pool cover, and a maintenance kit. The inclusion of the maintenance kit means that you will not need to spend any extra cash on the pool as you will have everything you need to use and maintain it.

Intex also tries to provide a majority of the items that you need when using many of their products. When you get their above ground pools, they will come with an instructional DVD, pool cover, ladder, ground cloth, and pump. And here the instructional DVD often steals the show as it will ensure you have an easier time with the setup.

3. Adjustable Size

Given the obvious differences in yard sizes, it will be vital to make sure that the pool you buy will fit in the space that you have. And while most models from Coleman and Intex are typically not very large, they still come in different sizes which are meant for different spaces.

However, Coleman seems to have an edge here because most of their pools come in an adjustable size. What this means is that you can get them in different sizes and shapes and also in different depths which allows you to get something that will work well for your specific situation.

While the Intex pools also come in different sizes, they will not be as customizable as the Coleman ones when it comes to the size. For some users, this might mean you end up settling for something that does not fit your space very well. But the good news is that Intex still offers a wide variety and you can easily get small, medium and large size pools from them.

4. Ease of Set-Up

Ease of set up will be more subjective and in many instances, it will depend on your level of experience with these pool types. The more you know about these pools the easier they will be to set up for you whether you buy Coleman or Intex.

With Coleman, the ease of installation mostly depends on the model you are buying. While their smaller capacity and simple models will give you an easy time, the larger and more complicated ones can be very hectic to set up. Worst yet, unlike Intex, do not expect to get an instructional DVD to help you along the way.

Intex pools often come in simpler designs and with relatively fewer parts which means they are much easier to install. Better yet, you will also get a highly useful DVD with the step by step installation instructions. Hence, even if you do not know anything about these pools, you should be able to set them up with ease by simply watching the DVD.

5. Ease of Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, both the Coleman and Intex pool will take quite some effort, and this is more so for those that plan to be using their pools often.

Coleman pools will generally give you an easier time when it comes to maintenance because they have filters that help clean up the water to minimize maintenance frequency. When you buy their pools, you will get a free maintenance kit that will ensure you have an even easier time and saves you money as you do not need to buy the kit separately.

With the Intex pools, you will also get fairly easy to maintain products, but this is only true if you also remember to buy a good maintenance kit.

But for both Coleman and Intex pools, one thing that can help ensure easy maintenance is the robotic pool cleaner as it will do most of the cleaning work for you.

6. Price

No matter how bad you want to have an above ground pool in your home for the hot summer months, you cannot ignore how much you pay for one as you want to get the best value for money.

When it comes to the prices, the choice between Coleman and Intex should be super easy given that the two brands come in diverse price ranges.

Intex is the more affordable of the two pool brands as they will have some simple above ground pools that retail for a little over $100 which makes their products some of the cheapest on the market

With Coleman, you will hardly get anything in these price ranges. To get a good pool model from them you will often need to part with around $500.


You cannot go wrong with Coleman and Intex when it comes to the above-ground pools as the two are some of the most reputable brands currently on the market. However, you still need to make sure you make an informed choice between the two.

From our guide above, the differences between them should now be clear enough because the two will differ in various aspects from their design and construction to the ease of use and maintenance and typical price ranges.

Using this information, Intex will be the best model for those on the market for something good quality but inexpensive while Coleman will work best for those looking for a premium quality pool that offers a wide variety of size options.