Conservatory Designs, Pricing and the Building Process!

This conservatory guide will explain the building process, designs, price tags, glazing options and everything in between this process.

The Conservatory Guide By The Experts
The Conservatory Guide By The Experts

If you are planning to have a conservatory built on your property, then be sure to explore this article because we have been installing conservatories up and down the UK for many years.

A conservatory is a big decision and can take around five weeks to complete depending on the extras such as heated flooring, radiators, lighting and glazing options.

Although, It’s well worth the price tag because it adds style and value to your property while incorporating your indoor and outdoor space.

How Much Does A Conservatory Cost?

On average, a standard Victorian or Edwardian conservatory should cost around £14,000.

A simple lean-too will cost on average £7,000, and a p-shaped conservatory with a Victorian or Edwardian shape will cost approximately £20,000.

These are ballpoint figures and will considerably increase when you start adding extras such as heated floors, glass roofs and self-cleaning glass.

  1. Standard lean-too under 3.5m2 £7000
  2. Victorian/Edwardian under 3.5m2m length, width and height £14,000
  3. P shape with a victorian or Edwardian 3.5m x 6m £22,000
  4. Gable Ends/lean-to 3.5m x 6m £18,000

These prices are for UPVC/aluminium conservatories using polycarbonate roofing on average 3.5m x 3.5m squared.

For a rough idea of price add the extras below, and you will have a sensible and realistic price for your conservatory.

Addon Prices

  1. Box guttering/Cavity walls + £3000
  2. Radiators +£1500
  3. Heated floors +£2000
  4. Self-cleaning glass + £1500
  5. Composite doors + £2000
  6. Glass roofs +£3000
  7. Wooden framed conservatory + £3,000
  8. Gable ends + £4000
  9. Lights + £500+
  10. Tiled/wooden Flooring + £500+

Keeping Your Conservatory Costs Low

These add-on prices will vary depending on the company you are dealing with. Some companies will charge top prices, such as nationwide glazing companies.

If you want a bargain, then we always recommend our readers to use a local conservatory company rather than a nationwide one due to overheads and salespeople fees.

  1. Always use a local glazing company
  2. Avoid extras unless they are a necessity
  3. Remember that most of the extras excluding structural extras can be carried out at a later date

Different Types Of Conservatory Builds

The Victorian Conservatory
The Victorian Conservatory

Conservatories are fabricated & built in many shapes and sizes and can be made out of a wide variety of different materials.

In this section, you will discover the right type of conservatory for your property.

The Gable End Conservatory
The Gable End Conservatory

In general, you should match the style to your property & conservatory so it does not look peculiar, but we all have our tastes and preferences.

  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • P-Shape
  • Gable end
  • T-Shape

Choosing A Local Conservatory Company

Never stick with one quote, always shop around when it comes to conservatory companies because their pricing can vary a lot!

A good conservatory company will breakdown their pricing to help you get a better understanding! We would say contact three companies and go from there.

  • Contact three conservatory companies
  • Ask for a price breakdown of the work
  • Double-check reviews and previous work

Different Conservatory Roofing Options

One of the price hikes of your build will depend on the roofing material. You have two options when it comes to the roof either polycarbonate or glass.

Self-cleaning glass is a gimmick because there are many spray solutions that installers spray on the surface when installed and it fills the microscopic pits that collect dirt over time.

  1. Polycarbonate 10,16, 25 & 32mm
  2. Glass

1) Polycarbonate Roof

Which is the most popular! It comes in a wide variety of colours and varied thicknesses, obviously, the thicker the poly is, the more you will have to pay.

There are four standard colours:

  1. Opal
  2. Clear
  3. Brown-Opal
  4. Bronze-Opal

2) Glass Roof

Not many customers choose this option because it greatly increases the overall price.

The glass must always be toughened when installed overhead, here are the common glass types for your conservatory:

  • Self-cleaning glass
  • Heat reflective
  • Frosted
  • Lead glass (effect)
  • Laminated

Conservatory Colours

Conservatories are generally white in colour, but there are a few other colour options to consider when ordering your conservatory:

  • White (standard)
  • Dark oak
  • Antique pine

Conservatory Installation Process

Once you have agreed on a price for your conservatory then work will start. First off is drainage. Is there a utility hole where you want your conservatory installed?

The utility hole cannot be covered due to access if anything gets blocked.

We always incorporate any maintenance hole into the floor so it’s not visible once the flooring has been installed at a later date!

1) Installing Conservatory Base

  1. Drainage
  2. Footings
  3. Concrete base
  4. Dwarf walls
  5. Insulations
  6. Takes around 3/4 days

2) Installing the frames/glazing

  1. Installation of frames
  2. Roof bars
  3. Lead work
  4. glazing
  5. Takes around 5/6 days

3) Internal Conservatory Work

Once your support, frames and glazing have been completed, your new conservatory will be watertight and ready for the inner work.

This work can take the longest because it needs more attention to detail.

  1. Electrics/plumbing
  2. Plaster or plasterboards
  3. Seals, trims and sills
  4. Floors & skirting boards
  5. Painting and snags

This last section of work will take around 10/12 days to complete, so overall your conservatory should be completed within 3 weeks.

But this all depends on the size and style of your conservatory.

If you have opted for a larger conservatory build such as a gable end or p-shape you should expect to add two weeks of extra work.


A conservatory is a wise investment because it adds around 5/10k to your property price.

Apart from a loft conversion or extension, conservatories are the next best thing to improve the cost and appeal of your property.

If you have any questions or other advice not featured in this article then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you the best we can.

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