How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bumper?

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bumper


The bumper in a vehicle is meant to absorb impact when you hit something, and in most instances, it is that one part of the car more likely to get damaged. In most cases, the damages are just superficial scrapes and scratches you can easily cover up with paint.

Hence, given the high likelihood of painting your bumper, it is vital to understand the costs involved. While they largely depend on the vehicle model and the kind of paint job you want, here we look at the average costs when doing it yourself or using a professional.

Average Cost of DIY Bumper Painting 

Provided the extent of the paint damage to your vehicle is not very significant or you just want to refresh the look, it is possible to do it yourself. A quick DIY bumper paint job is by far more affordable than taking the vehicle to a professional company.

For the DIY job, you need first to buy the materials required. They include sandpaper, primer, base coat, clear coat, and drop cloth. The sandpaper is perhaps the cheapest item as you hardly spend $5, and the chances are you will not even need to buy it as you may have some lying around the garage.

A pint each of the primer, base coat, and clear coat typically costs under $20, meaning you will hardly spend over $60 on them. Even if you add the cost of other things like the drop cloth, gloves, and a simple painting mask, the total cost of everything you need for a DIY bumper paint job should not exceed $100.

That said, it is essential to remember you might also need a paint gun for spraying the paint on the bumper. Hence, if you do not already have one and therefore have to rent or buy, the cost of painting the bumper can shoot up significantly. Prices for a paint gun start at around $50 for a basic model, meaning your cost will go up to at least $150 if you have to buy one.

Average Cost of Bumper Painting If You Hire a Professional Company

Average Cost of Bumper Painting If You Hire a Professional Company


If you prefer to take your vehicle to a professional to have the bumper painted, you can expect to spend relatively more money. However, this comes with more benefits as besides getting a better quality paint job, a professional company saves you time as they can do the job faster than a DIYer and also provide an exact color match.

With professional paint jobs, the labor cost is a major determinant of what you spend. Depending on where you are getting the paint done, you will typically pay between $50 and $200 for labor. Given the job takes about 2 to 3 hours, the totals cost of labor should be $100 to $600.

Material prices should not change a lot whether you are painting the bumper on your own or getting a professional’s service. Hence, if you are also spending $60 on the primer, base coat, and clear coat, the minimum total cost you can expect, assuming the labor cost is $50/hour and the job takes just 2 hours to complete, is $160.

Note: If the bumper has damages that need to be repaired first before painting, whether they are minor scratches and dings or massive dents, the total cost will ramp up significantly. Typically, professional companies charge the repairs and painting separately.


A vehicle’s bumper plays a crucial role, and it can take a lot of abuse in the line of duty, meaning you will often need to repaint it now and then to keep it looking fresh. You can do the job as a DIY project or use a professional company’s services.

For DIY, it is vital to ensure you have all the supplies, choose the exact color match, and understand how to remove and reattach the bumper safely. A professional job costs you relatively more, but it also guarantees better paint job quality without damaging the vehicle further.