Cuprinol Fence Care Review Plus Ducksback Difference & Breakdown!

Cuprinol is world-renowned for their paint lines such as their non-slip decking stain and the most well-known Cuprinol Garden Shades! In this review, we will be sharing our thoughts on their fence paint and the difference between Cuprinol Ducksback and standard fence stain.

Cuprinol Fence Care_ Breakdown and Ratings
Cuprinol Fence Care_ Breakdown and Ratings

The Cuprinol Ducksback

Cuprinol Ducksback Fence & Sheds
Cuprinol Ducksback Fence & Sheds

The Ducksback and Fence Care stain are two different paint lines. Below you will find the Ducksback that has a longer guarantee because it has a waxed base. This makes it extremely good at preventing rain and moisture from seeping into your fence slats and posts!

  • 5 years guarantee
  • Non-drip
  • Added wax

The ONLY difference between the Cuprinol fence care and the Ducksback is the added and wax! Another point to make is the Ducksback by Cuprinol comes in one colour. Apart from the added wax, there is not much difference between the two!

All-in-all their Ducksback range is much more effective than their fence care line of stains. If you are happy with the colour then Ducksback will win every time for water, length of protection and UV resistance!

The Wezaggle Team!

Standard Fence Care By Cuprinol

The Cuprinol fence paint comes with a 3-year guarantee and claims to greatly reduce moisture and UV light from penetrating treated wood by Cuprinol’s fence paint!

All fences need to be stained especially if you’re in the Uk because both summer and winter months can quickly make your fences and posts rot because of heat in the summer and moisture in the winter months.

So when you treat your fence panels you are going to want to use a stain that soaks deep to help avoid rotting by sealing your timber/slats from moisture buildup!

Who Are Cuprinol?

Cuprinol came to light many years ago with their world-famous garden shades paint line, this is because it provides unique colours and lasts longer than any other paint on the market for the garden!

For over the last 90 years Cuprinol has been making wood paints that were originally released in Denmark where the founder began! To this day Cuprinol is the worlds leading distributor and creator of wood treatment products!

The Cuprinol Fence Paint

Designed to soak deep enough to prolong the life of your fence panels, posts and trellis, with its consistency thin enough to be used in a sprayer. Cuprinol claims their premium mixture of ingredients last 3 years+ while dramatically prolonging the life of your garden fence timber.

With 5 unique colours to choose from the Cuprinol Fence paint dries within 2-4 hours and needs only one coat! But this will depend on your fence panels and timber you are treating. If your fence is new and not already treated then you might need to do a base coat and another coat to improve the colour.

This is common with fence and shed paints because it’s so thin and easily absorbed into dry or untreated wood. With many Cuprinol fence paint reviews claiming to need 2-3 coats to get the required colour advertised on the tin!

Best Price Breakdown and Review Rating:

  1. Test of time: 4/5
  2. Price RANGE: 4/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 4/5
  4. Application: 3/5
  5. Average £25 – £32

Review Digest – It is a mixed bag when it comes to Cuprinol’s fence paint, some reviews claim to need 2-3 coats and other reviews claiming not to be able to replicate the colour advertised! But this might be down to the fence paint you are sealing. If your fence panels are old and have previously been stained before then you might get a different colour.

With other reviews praising this line of fence stain as the best they have used before! Although most Cuprinol fence paint reviews are positive there is some negativity among users. This is normal for such a big brand because they sell thousands and thousands of pots a year, some users are going to use it wrong or not prepare the surface prior to painting!

Reviewers Experience And Tips

  • Remove any previous paint that is loose and lightly sand if necessary because you will get a deeper seal and better colour match
  • For new tanalised/treated panels, you will need to apply two coats with a sprayer or brush
  • Cover surrounding areas if you are using the Cuprinol paint sprayer because it is known to drip due to buildup stain
  • If you happen to spray concrete, brick or stone then use a bleach solution to remove. Any drips or excess spray must be cleaned up as soon as possible because once it sets it can be really tricky to remove!


  • Easy to use
  • Soaks deep
  • Dries within 2 hours
  • Wide unique colours
  • Good solution
  • 5-year guarantee


  • Will drip from the sprayer nozzle
  • Odour is strong
  • Two or more coats needed
  • Colours will vary

Editors Notes – Cuprinol Fence and Shed Paint Review!

“worked out great in the end, but we did need to use 2 coats in the Cuprinol fence sprayer. It has been a  year since applying the fence stain and it still looks as good as new. We are very happy with the outcome and would highly advise you to use this brand. Noted: our fence panels were brand new but green so we knew one coat would not suffice! Mark Andrews, UK”

“We painted 30 panels for a big landscaping job we had back in 2019, our customer wanted to use the Autumn red because it was what the customer wanted, ETC. After painting the 30 panels we realised a second coat was desperately needed! So our profits were hit with this job, but the customer was very happy after the second coats were applied. My opinion is a good paint that looks the part, I have not been back to the job so do not know how the stain has weathered, Derk, UK”

With unique colours and a 5 years promise to their customer the Cuprinol fence stain is a solid choice. It is not the best fence stain on the market but fairs extremely well for colours and overall quality. Yes, a few coats might be needed depending on the panels applied to, just budget for this and you cannot go wrong with the Cuprinol brand!

Have you Used Cuprinol Fence and Shed Stain?

If so, we want to hear fro  you! Our website Wezaggle depends on honest and reliable reviews to share your thoughts both positive and negative on the products featured on this website. So if you would like to share a Cuprinol fence paint review use our rating system or leave a comment below this section.

Happy Painting 😉

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Cuprinol Fence Care_ Breakdown and Ratings

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