DeWalt DCCS620B Review: High-efficiency Low-kickback Construction Chainsaw

DeWalt DCCS620B Review

Photo: DeWalt

What We Like

  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Heavy-duty bar and chain
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • High-performance 20V battery
  • Compact for superior handing

What We Don’t Like

  • No automatic bar/chain oiling
  • The required battery is not included

Bottom Line

A high-performance brushless motor, superior build quality, compactness, and a heavy-duty bar/chain make the DeWalt DCCS620B a great construction chainsaw.


If you undertake construction or renovation projects that involve woodcutting, you can benefit from the power, ruggedness, and ease of handling offered by DeWalt DCCS620B.

The tool’s 12-inch bar and chain feature a heavy-duty construction optimized for use in outdoor cutting applications. You can also capitalize on the saw’s compact design to execute indoor cutting in renovation projects, for instance.

DeWalt DCCS620B Review

DeWalt DCCS620B

Photo: DeWalt

Performance & Handling: Efficient Brushless Motor

DeWalt DCCS620B adopts the brand’s famed brushless motor, which is recognized for its superior efficiency compared to the traditional brushed versions.

The brushless motor of this chainsaw comes in handy during intensive cutting tasks, especially when paired with DeWalt’s 20V Max* Lithium-Ion batteries, which we’ll check out in more detail, below. According to the manufacturer, “This battery-powered chainsaw is built to work hard. Use it for tough construction and outdoor jobs like cutting beams, demolition work, and managing tree limbs.”

One of the benefits of having a brushless motor on this chainsaw is extended runtime. This motor produces less heat because of reduced friction (from the absence of brushes). You will not experience any overheating issues in this tool.

You’re guaranteed extended motor life from the brushless design. Because there are fewer moving components in the motor, and because it is controlled electronically, performance is constantly optimized so that the motor runs within its stable capacity, thus extending its life.

In real-world applications, the chainsaw and its motor have managed to cut lumber up to 10 inches flawlessly. It excels even more on light-duty cutting tasks, and that’s why home renovators love having the surrounding tool.

Also, bearing in mind that the tool is battery-powered, you don’t have to worry about cold starts, cord-pulling, and other pre-start ‘rituals’ that can lower your productivity when using the tool.

Design & Construction: Compact and Rugged

Because the DCCS620B is optimized for flawless operation in construction projects, the tool has been fitted in a compact body measuring only 25 x 9 x 9 inches. With the battery attached, the complete tool weighs 9 pounds. For chainsaws, this is a manageable weight.

The ergonomics of this chainsaw are great. The tool feels very stable in the hand. You can operate the tool with one hand for brief cutting tasks. It should be easily manageable.

While many of the components of this chainsaw are plastic, especially its housing, it is very rugged nonetheless. You will instantly notice a supersized front guard that protects you from objects and another potential operating hazard.

As for handling, the chainsaw enhances the experience through a large front handle, which has been prominently coated with a soft non-slip grip. This front handle adopts the full wrap-around design, which enables you to operate the tool steadily in different orientations.

The rear handle is enlarged and will fit big hands comfortably without hurting the knuckles. Even when wearing work gloves, the handle offers plenty of space for your hand. When you included the cordless operation capability, this tool is very portable and maneuverable, two qualities that come in handy especially in construction projects.

Cutting Equipment: Heavy-duty Bar and Chain

The cutting equipment of the DCCS620B complements its powerful motor excellently. The chainsaw features a heavy-duty 12-inch bar and chains, both of which have been enhanced for use in outdoor cutting applications.

This chain manages a decent cutting speed of 25.2 feet/second. When you consider the fact that this tool is battery powered, the chain speed is commendable. You are guaranteed of consistently smooth and clean cuts from this chain.

To further enhance the chain’s cutting efficiency, the chainsaw is equipped with a tool-less tensioning system, which you can continuously adjust as you operate the tool. It eliminates the task of constantly tensioning the chain with a tool, which is not very efficient.

Also, because the bar has a major impact on cutting performance and efficiency, it also has an enhancement feature dedicated to it; the bar tightening knob. You can use the knob to increase the bar’s clamping force or adjust it to achieve the most optimal setting.

Noise Level: Runs Quietly especially in Between Tasks

If you have encountered gas-powered chainsaws and the noise they produce, then you’ll enjoy working with the battery-powered DCCS620B, which maintains noise at the minimum, especially in between tasks.

Because of the reduced operating noise, this chainsaw is very handy for projects in environments where noise can be an issue, such as private residences, schools, and other similar facilities. You can complete your work with minimal disturbance.

Battery: High Cutting Performance Per Charge

The DCCS620B is powered by DeWalt’s famed 20V Max* XR Lithium-Ion Battery, which performs exceptionally well especially when coupled with the tool’s high-efficiency brushless motor.

If you opt for the 5.0Ah 20V Max* battery, expect some great performance even when doing some intensive cutting. This battery manages up to 90 cuts on 4×4 pressure-treated lumber, pers single charge. When you want to undertake brief cutting tasks fast in projects that don’t demand a lot of time, this is the go-to chainsaw.

You’ll appreciate the battery performance especially in specialized tasks such as home renovations, restorations, and related projects. You can take the tool to any part of the structure, such as the basement, cut, and proceed with the project.

Obviously, the large the amp-hour rating of the battery, the more power its runtime. So, if you want a battery that lasts longer, you can consider models nearing the 9.0Ah mark.

Unfortunately, to the dismay of many users, the DeWalt 20V Max Battery you need to power your DCCS620B and its charger are not included in your tool’s purchase. You will need to buy these separately.

Safety Feature

When it comes to safety, DCCS620B does not make any compromises. First, its weight is well-balanced to maximize handling control so that you will always have a good grip on the tool even in different orientations.

Second, its 12-inch bar and chain are low-kickback. If the bar accidentally comes into contact with the ground on any other objects that it can’t cut, it is able to absorb the kickback action smoothly, preventing any sudden tool reactions that could be hazardous. 

Maintenance: Hassle-free and Minimal

Because the DCCS620B is battery-powered, there are some low-maintenance gains the tool offers, especially compared to rival battery-powered models. In the absence of a gasoline engine, the tool is free of any carburetor issues that tend to require regular maintenance. Also, there are no frequent oil changes with this chainsaw.

You do miss out on automatic chain and bar oiling, a feature proven to be useful in reducing friction and wear on these components, but its absence does not make this chainsaw any less efficient.

Price: Good for the Performance Offered

DeWalt DCCS620B’s price is certainly not in the budget category, but remember this is a chainsaw that performs reliably and consistently across demanding tasks such as construction and related outdoor projects.

When you consider the tool’s brushless motor, which you will be coupling with the heavy-duty 20V Max* battery, you are getting a solid cutting companion that should offer reliable long-term service, especially if you’re a professional.


A heavy-duty chainsaw with a high-efficiency brushless motor to deliver consistent performance in demanding construction projects.

Expects the DeWalt DCCS620B to perform reliably in projects such as demolitions and beam cutting with is powerful battery system and low-kickback chain and bar, which complement the tool’s high-performance brushless motor.


  • Product Name: DeWalt DCCS620B
  • Product Brand: DeWalt
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Power: 20 Volts
  • Power Source: Battery (Cordless)
  • Motor Types: Brushless
  • Bar Length: 12 inches
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8-inch
  • Chain Speed: 25.2 ft./s
  • Tool Weight (With Battery): 9 pounds

Key Features

  • Brushless motor for enhanced efficiency and extended life
  • Heavy-duty 20-volt battery cuts 90 4×4 lumber per charge
  • Compact design for superior handling and control
  • Low-kickback chain and bar are optimized for intensive construction tasks
  • Tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening
  • Decent 25 ft./s chain speed for fast and smooth cutting