DeWalt DWFP12569 Review: Lightweight Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

DeWalt DWFP12569 Review

Photo: DeWalt

What We Like

  • Lightweight (10.6 lbs.)
  • Versatile 2-in-1 functionality
  • Long ergonomic handle
  • Interchangeable non-marring base plates
  • Durable driver blade

What We Don’t Like

  • No dry fire lockout

Bottom Line

A lightweight pneumatic flooring nailer that minimizes fatigue for quick and comfortable floor installation.


Floor installation can be a cumbersome and tiring process, especially if you are using heavy tools. In this case, if you use a heavy flooring nailer, this can reduce productivity.

However, with DeWalt’s DWFP12569, you get a lightweight tool that is comfortable and very easy to handle. Here’s more about how this tool performs.

DeWalt DWFP12569 Review

DeWalt DWFP12569

Photo: DeWalt

Performance: Air Efficient  

Though the actual CFM figure is not given, DeWalt’s DWFP12569 operates at a pressure range of 70-100 PSI and this is relatively low compared to other powerful models. This results in lower CFM requirements, which means you don’t need a very powerful compressor.

If you have a powerful compressor though, it will run for shorter periods to run this tool. On the downside, this means the nailer is not very powerful. However, this pressure is just enough for its functionality, which is to drive staples and L-cleat nails.

That aside, the nailer’s mallet-actuated pneumatic driving action requires you to apply enough force to the hammer cap, and a mallet is included in the set to help you with this. The unit’s firing mode is sequential and therefore, you must lift it from the floor before firing the next nail.

While doing this lifting for sequential firing, a non-marring baseplate ensures the nailer does not scratch or ruin the floorboards, especially if they are prefinished.

This plate is interchangeable and you get two in the kit. These include 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch white plastic plates. These enable you to install 1/2 or 3/4-inch thick floorboards and you only need an Allen wrench to undo the screws for replacement, which are also included in the set.

You can opt to buy the DeWalt DWFAFOOTG2, which is a rolling base floor attachment that offers tool-free adjustment when installing 1/2 to 3/4-inch thick floors. This replaces the baseplates and it increases productivity while simplifying the nailer’s use.

Design & Construction: Lightweight and Durable

Weighing in at only 10.6 lbs., this pneumatic nailer is relatively lightweight and this makes it very easy and comfortable to handle.

However, this does not mean it does not have sturdy, heavy-duty parts. For instance, the driver blade, which is one of the most critical components in the firing process, is made using special, hardened metal, which ensures it has a long lifespan.

Versatility: Optimized for Driving Staples and L-Cleats

Apart from being lightweight, one of the other great strengths of the DeWalt DWFP12569 is its versatile 2-in-1 functionality. The unit is optimized to drive 15.5-gauge staples and 16-gauge L-cleat nails, which are the most commonly used solid floor fasteners.

L-cleat nails are mostly used when dealing with hardwood while staples are better off for softer wood because they can easily split hardwood.

In addition to that, the unit is designed to drive a wide length range of these fasteners, which can be from 1.5 to 2 inches long. This variation comes in very handy when installing floorboards with different thicknesses.

Ideally, thicker boards require longer nails while thinner boards should be installed using shorter fasteners.

Other than that, the nailer’s magazine can hold up to 100 glue collated staples or L-cleat nails, which should be enough to cover a wide section before requiring a reload.

Note: The staple crown should not exceed or be less than 0.5 inches. Only the length can vary from 1.5 to 2 inches.

Ease of Use: Ergonomic Long Handle

Carrying this pneumatic nailer is not such a big task if you consider its weight, but it is fitted with a long, ergonomic arm that enables you to move it with ease while punching in the nails in a comfortable, almost upright posture.

As a result, you won’t hurt your back when doing the installation. Additionally, this handle has a rubber grip that gives you a firm non-slip hold as you install the boards.

Aside from that, loading the DWFP12569 is a very easy task that requires you to pull the pusher back to its locked position.

Next, insert the L cleats or staples into the magazine then push the detent button to unlock the pusher. Slide the pusher forward until it gets to the fasteners and that’s it. The nailer is ready to use.

Price: Quite Expensive

With a price tag of over $200, the DeWalt DWFP12569 is not exactly cheap. It will set you back quite a bit but on the bright side, it offers versatile 2-in-1 functionality plus a lightweight, easy-to-use design that makes it worth the price.

If this is too much for you, there is a slightly cheaper option, which is the DeWalt DWMIIIFS. However, this one is only designed to drive in 15.5-gauge, 0.5-inch crown staples and has a smaller magazine capacity of 92 staples.

On top of that, it has a lower max operating pressure, in which the range is from 70-90 PSI. This makes it less powerful than the DWFP12569, although it gives the unit a much lower CFM requirement, which means it is more air efficient.   


A lightweight pneumatic flooring nailer that is easy to use, and still offers versatile 2-in-1 functionality for varied floor installation projects.

With a lightweight 10.6-lb design, the DeWalt DWFP12569 is quite easy to handle because it minimizes fatigue as you move from one spot to the other during the floorboard installation process.

In addition to this, it offers 2-in-1 functionality to drive in staples or L-cleats, which are the most commonly used fasteners in floor installation. This makes it a very practical tool.

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  • Product Name: DeWalt DWFP12569
  • Product Brand: DeWalt
  • Operating Pressure: 70-100 PSI
  • Fastener Gauge: 15.5 GA (staples), 16 GA (L Cleats)
  • Magazine Capacity: 100
  • Staple Crown: 0.5 inches
  • Fastener Range: 1.5-2 inches
  • Dimensions: 20.35 x 3.2 x 22.1 inches
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited, 1-year free service, 90-day money-back guarantee

Key Features

  • Lightweight construction with an ergonomic long-handle design.
  • Optimized for versatile staple and L-Cleat nail firing.
  • Includes two interchangeable, non-marring base plates.
  • Mallet actuated pneumatic driving action.
  • Comfortable rubber grip for non-slip use.