How To Fix Creaking Stairs - Example

How Do I Fix My Creaking Stairs?

Creaking stairs are a very common occurrence because the majority of staircases up and down the UK are wooden. Over time some wooden parts of your staircase will move or warp creating a gap that moves when you put pressure on it. This will cause your staircase to move when … Read more

Plasterboard Hole

How Do I Repair A Hole In Plasterboard?

With plasterboard being soft, especially when you knock it or accidentally throw a controller at it. Plasterboard breaks easily, so how do you repair and fix holes plasterboard? In this article, I will be explaining how you can repair a hole in your plasterboard in easy steps. Repairing a hole … Read more

Protecting Laminate Flooring with A Sealer

Should I Seal My Laminate Flooring?

Yes, you should always seal your laminate flooring once it has been fitted. Sealing your floors will avoid moisture being sucked through the joints while protecting against scratches. Laminate flooring that has not been sealed against moisture will start to swell at the joins which will become noticeable after a … Read more