Best Wood Router

10 Best Wood Routers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Wood routers are some of the most versatile tools available today for professional, hobbyist, and beginner woodworkers.   A router can transform the wooden crafts you create whether in your professional and home workshops. If your projects involve hollowing out decorative designs on frames, desks, cabinets, and other items, then … Read more

Best Jointer

10 Best Wood Jointers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

Jointers are considered essential woodworker tools because of the value they create for your projects by flattening and straightening wooden boards and workpieces. They are considered the starting point of most woodworking projects after acquiring the lumber. A jointer produces flat surfaces on board edges effectively preparing them for butt … Read more

Best Wood Planer

10 Best Wood Planers of 2021 Compared & Reviewed

For any woodworker, whether a beginner professional, straightening and smoothing boards is an essential process in most applications, and a planer is just the tool for that. Wood planers rely on sharp knives/blades to shave off wood stock, creating smooth finishes and even chamfers. Uniform thickness can transform your wooden … Read more

Types Of Calipers

6 Different Types of Calipers and Their Uses

Calipers are measurement tools that are used to measure the complex dimensions of an object where a ruler, tape measure, or any other measurement tool cannot be used. These dimensions include the depth, internal and external measurements. They are also preferred for measurement by engineers and woodworkers because they give … Read more

Types Of Hand Planes

7 Different Types of Hand Planes for Woodworking

Photo: Hand planes are not very popular nowadays. Modern woodworking tools have rendered this antique useless because they are capable of reducing or smoothing a stock’s surface with ease. However, even though it’s not a power tool, a hand plane is still relevant to carpenters who appreciate its high … Read more

Types Of Clamps

11 Popular Types of Clamps and Their Uses

In woodworking, it is important to keep stocks and boards steady as you cut, glue, or nail them and this is where clamps come in. They help to secure these workpieces for accurate cutting or joining. Other than that, clamps are versatile enough to be used in holding different materials … Read more