Do I Need To Undercoat My Skirting Boards Before I Gloss?

Yes, you must undercoat skirting boards. You cannot gloss over gloss because it will just peel away after a few days. It’s one of the biggest DIY mistakes when you paint over gloss!

Glossing your skirting boards
Glossing your skirting boards

Even if the skirting boards are new you must always undercoat before glossing. You cannot add gloss to bare wood because it will just soak in and look translucent.

If you are thinking about using a one-coat gloss then you will be disappointed. For bright white skirting boards apply two coats of undercoat and then a coat of gloss.

Preparing Your Skirting Boards For Gloss

If your skirting boards are new bare wood then lightly sand and apply the undercoat. If your skirting boards have layers of gloss and undercoat then you need to start sanding.

You do not need to remove all the paint but you will want to create a key for the undercoat to grip to when it dries.

You must remove any shine because gloss does not play well with other gloss!

  • Sand scape your skirting boards
  • Fill and caulk your skirting boards
  • Sand your skirting boards again
  • Undercoat your skirting boards x2
  • Finally, gloss your boards
  • Be careful when you cut in on the walls and floor
  • Use the right paintbrush for glossing
  • Sit back and enjoy your bright fresh skirting boards


Glossing wood takes the most effort but also looks the best if done correctly. Spending a few hours sanding will pay off when your DIY painting job is completed!

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