Should I Use An Extra Membrane When Laying Artificial Grass?

If you are using an artificial grass brand that has a membrane already stitched into its pile then a separate membrane is not needed.

Some installers like to install an extra underlay because it looks good on paper. Yes, it might help with more determined weeds, but can cause more issues over time.

Artificial Grass and Membrane
Artificial Grass and Membrane

Membrane & Underlay?

A membrane or underlay can be more of a hindrance than preventing weeds. It causes moisture, puddles and bubbles that appear after heavy rain, if this keeps happening then your fake grass will move and become saggy in places.

Another issue is rot, moss and algae because of the moisture retention caused by an extra layer of membrane! Your grass needs to breathe, that’s why suppliers boast of breathable membrane already in their grass pile.

When artificial grass first come onto the DIY scene they did not come stitched to a membrane. So a separate membrane was needed to avoid weeds coming through especially if it was laid straight on top of the dirt.

Since then these fake grass companies have improved their lines of grass and added a membrane to prevent weeds! This membrane is thicker than any underlay or membrane currently on the market and is virtually impossible for weeds to grow through.

Follow Our Artificial Grass Guide

If you follow our guide on how to lay artificial grass then you should use sharp sand for a more comfortable and weedfree faux lawn!

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