Do you need planning permission to build a conservatory?

Building a conservatory can be one of the most expensive projects, but adds tremendous value to your property! Do you need planning permission to build one? No, but you have to adhere to some simple rules.

The Conservatory Guide By The Experts
The Conservatory Guide By The Experts

These rules are there to protect your neighbour’s privacy and scenery of sorts. But also it is to help regulate and restrict the size of the conservatory you want to build!

Simple Question!

No you do not need any type of planning permission!

Restrictions on Conservatories

For a simple conservatory, you will not need to seek any planning permission (permitted development rights). But there are some restrictions, as long as these restrictions adhere to you will not need to fill out forms and request permission from your neighbours! These restrictions are:

  1. Your conservatory must not span over the half of your property
  2. The area built on must not cover more than half of your garden
  3. The sizing of a conservatory must not protrude more than 4 metres
  4. Should not exceed 4 metres in height or above the eves of your roof
  5. No raised platforms, verandas or balconies should protrude from your conservatory
  6. Your house must not be a listed building or built in a conservation area!

These restrictions are straightforward and should not stop you from building a decent sized conservatory! If you do not follow these direct restrictions, you might find yourself dismantling it shortly after because of health and safety reasons!

  • For a more in-depth analysis of the restrictions on conservatories then visit: The Planning Portal

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