Do you paint the walls or woodwork first?

In this question, we are going to explain why you should be painting the ceiling, walls and then the woodwork.

Steps to painting a room
Steps to painting a room

This process of painting a room will give you a better finish and less work.

If you are glossing first then painting the walls and ceiling you are going to create much more work.

Especially when you stand back to enjoy your hard labour and realize your gloss has spots all over and the cutting in does not look straight.

  1. Prepare the room for painting by filling and then sanding
  2. Paint the ceiling with a roller x 2/3? coats
  3. Bring the ceiling paint onto the wall all the way around the room (2-inches down)
  5. Cut in the wall colour all the way around the edges/corners (2-inches)
  6. Grab your roller and fill in the walls with your chosen colour
  7. Once the ceilings and walls are painted and you have undercoated your wooden accessories such as skirting boards, door frames and doors. You are now ready to finish with a coat of high sheen gloss.

TOP TIP: Make sure you clean dust from the tops of door frames and skirting boards before you stat undercoating!


This process is tried and tested making it much easier to paint a room.

No matter how big or small the room is, you should always follow these steps for a successful paint job!

Happy Painting 😉

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