Dremel 3000 vs. 4000 – Comparison & Differences

Dremel 3000 vs. 4000

Anyone that is into home crafts, home improvement, and DIY projects should already know that a rotary tool kit is a must-have as it comes in handy for almost every project you do.

While there are quite many options out there, when it comes to rotary tool kits, Dremel is by far the best brand you can get. And this is more so if you got for their Dremel 3000 or Dremel 4000 kits.

The two are among the most popular and best-selling Dremel rotary tool kits. But despite their obvious similarities, the two will differ in several aspects which means each will be ideal for a different kind of user.

This guide aims to make it easier to pick between the Dremel 3000 and 4000, and we do this with overviews of each and by comparing them side by side.

Dremel 3000 Kit Overview

Dremel 3000
Photo: Dremel

Dremel 3000 is the older of the two models, and it has been built in a smaller and more compact design that makes it perfect for extended use with minimal fatigue.

This rotary tool is more lightweight when compared to the Dremel 4000 and it also comes with a soft and comfortable grip. These features make it more appropriate for individuals with weaker grips and those with smaller hands and other issues like arthritis.

It is powered by a powerful enough 1.2 amp motor and with a variable speed that goes up to 32,000 RPM and hence making this a more versatile tool. Despite still not being as versatile as the 4000, it will still work with most Dremel attachments.

Many users also seem to prefer to use this tool for sanding tasks as it seems to excel at this and some users even claim it outperforms the 4000 here. But, it should still do a great job for other applications like polishing and cleaning.

Better yet, this Dremel tool is also not very loud, and it has been built to provide a long service life as it will come with replaceable motor brushes to ensure it keeps running for many years.

However, unlike the 4000, it does not offer electronic feedback and it seems to have more plastic components that might not be very durable.


  • Smaller price tag
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Excellent for sanding applications
  • Comfortable, soft grip


  • Will not work with all Dremel attachments and accessories
  • More plastic components make it less durable
  • No electronic feedback

Dremel 4000 Kit Overview

Dremel 4000
Photo: Dremel

Dremel 4000 has been built to be more powerful than its predecessor as it runs on a larger 1.6 amp motor that will deliver speeds of up to 35,000 RPM to allow it to handle almost any tasks you might wish to do with a rotary tool.

The company makes this tool with user convenience and efficiency in mind because it will include a spate on/off switch and a fantastic electronic feedback feature.

As it has become the norm with most Dremel rotary tools, it will also include a nice and comfortable grip that will allow DIYers to hold it for extended periods with minimal hand fatigue.

When it comes to versatility, the Dremel 4000 beats the 3000 as it has been built to be compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments. Hence, you can use this tool for everything you can ever want a rotary tool for from cleaning to polishing and engraving as you just need to have the right attachment.

However, the extra features, more powerful motor and increased versatility come at a cost as this is a significantly more expensive rotary tool. And it is also generally heavier and bulkier which makes it a little less portable.


  • More powerful motor
  • Includes electronic feedback and separate speed control
  • Nice comfortable grip
  • Higher top speed
  • Compatible with all Dremel attachments


  • Relatively more expensive
  • Heavier and a little bulkier

Dremel 3000 vs. Dremel 4000 Comparison

You can never go wrong with Dremel when it comes to rotary tool kits as they are the industry leaders.

But, you need to know how to choose something that will work best for you, and if you are trying to pick between the Dremel 3000 and 4000, here are some key points to keep in mind.

1. Motor Power

Motor power has a huge effect on the overall performance of a rotary tool kit and is hence one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for one.

Both the Dremel 3000 and 4000 have powerful enough motors that can handle any typical rotary tool application, and so regardless which you choose, you can be sure of ending up with something good enough.

However, the Dremel 4000 seems to have an edge here as its 1.6 amp motor is significantly more powerful than the 1.2 amp motor that you will get on the 3000. The 0.4 amp difference can make a huge difference for tasks that require more power such as cutting.

While still at the motor, it is worth noting that both will use a replaceable brushless motor which will help ensure they last longer.

2. Speed Range

Different rotary tool jobs will require different speeds to ensure the job is done fast and efficiently enough. And the good news is that the two Dremel tools will include variable speed motors that make them more versatile.

But, like with the motor power, Dremel 4000 also seems to have an edge here as it will provide a variable speed range of 5,000 to 35,000 RPM making it more versatile than the 3000 that allows for 5,000 to 32,000 RPM.

While the difference might not look like much for certain jobs that require very precise high speeds the Dremel 4000 will be a much better tool to have around.

3. Kit Options

Every rotary tool user always wants to get more variety when choosing a kit as this allows one to match the tool to their particular needs.

The good news is that both tool kits will have several kits options with the Dremel 3000 providing 3 and the 4000 coming in 4 kit options.

When buying the Dremel 3000 you can choose to go for the 3000-1/24 which will include 1 attachment and 24 accessories, 3000-1/25 with 1 attachment and 25 accessories and the 3000-2/28 which has 2 attachments and 28 accessories.

With the Dremel 4000, you will often get kits with relatively more attachments and accessories. Their kit options are the 4000-6/50 which includes 6 attachments and 50 accessories, 4000-4/34 with 4 accessories and 34 attachments, 4000-3/34 with 3 attachments and 34 accessories and the more affordable 4000-2/30 with just 2 attachments and 30 accessories.

Also, given that the Dremel 4000 is compatible with all Dremel accessories, you can still buy any other accessory that might not be in your kit separately.

But, note that with both tools, the more attachments and accessories you get on your kit option, the more cash you will have to pay.

4. Electronic Feedback Control

Another key difference that you need to keep in mind when choosing between the two rotary tool kits is that the Dremel 4000 will include an electronic feedback control and the 3000 will not.

This feature makes a significant difference for rotary users which should explain why most of their new rotary tool kits which came out after the 3000 will include it.

Electronic feedback will help you easily tell when your speed is off and when you are grinding too hard to ensure you do not damage the workpiece or burn out the tool.

Presence of electronic feedback means that Dremel 4000 will give you more control when working and hence making it even ideal for the beginner or novice users.

5. Separate Speed Controls

Control is everything when using a rotary tool because if you are not able to easily control the machine, it will not do a very good job and will also be more inconvenient to use.

Besides the electronic feedback control, the Dremel 4000 will provide separate speed and on/off dials which allows you to control the tool’s speed more precisely than when using the Dremel 3000.

With this design, it will be possible to speed up or slow down your rotary tool in the middle of the job such as when cutting, and this ensures you get fantastic results. 

While this feature might not be very useful for certain applications, for others like woodworking and home crafts where extra precision is required, it will be one of the best features you can have on a Dremel tool.

6. Accessory Change System

The accessory change system is one area where most Dremel rotary tool kits will almost always be the same unless you are buying one of their newer and more expensive models.

Hence, with the Dremel 3000 and 4000, you will get the same accessory change system because they both use the highly reliable, convenient and easy to use EZ Twist Nose Cap.

Many DIYers and home craft enthusiasts love this nose cap because it eliminates the need to use a spanner when you want to change the accessories which speed up things for you and minimizes the downtimes. 

With this accessory change system changing your accessories will only take about 5 seconds which is faster than most other rotary tool kits out there. But, given they use the same nose cap design, there is no winner here.

7. Length and Weight

Nobody wants to end up with a large and bulky rotary tool as it can give you a hard time when doing lengthy jobs as you will hardly be able to hold it for more than a few minutes without getting hand fatigue.

Also, the overall dimensions and this is more so the tool length, will also matter a lot.

Both the Dremel 3000 and 4000 are generally lightweight when compared to others in the market, but their weight differs a little. The 4000 will weigh around 1.4 pounds which is 0.2 pounds heavier than the 3000 that weighs in at around 1.2 pounds.

Their length differs because the 3000 is around 7.5 inches while the Dremel 4000 is 9 inches long. When it comes to the length what you choose will depend on how you will use the tool.

A shorter rotary tool feels more balanced on the hand while a longer one will provide an extra reach into tight places.

8. Price

Dremel is not known for selling their rotary tool kits at high price tags unless of course, you are buying their newer and more advanced models. But, you still need to consider the price when trying to pick between the Dremel 3000 and 4000.

Given that both are designed to be more budget-friendly options, the price difference between them is not very significant. At the time of writing this piece, the Dremel 4000 was around $30 more expensive than the Dremel 3000.

But, when it comes to the Dremel rotary tool price, it is important to remember than the rotary tool kit option you choose and where you buy from will determine how much you end up paying.

Comparison Table

Dremel 3000

Dremel 4000

Motor Power

1.2 Amp

1.6 Amp

Speed Range

5,000 to 32,000 RPM

5,000 to 35,000 RPM

Kit Options

3000-2/28, 3000-1/25 and 3000-1/24

4000-6/50, 4000-4/34, 4000-3/34 and 4000-2/30

Electronic Feedback Control



Separate Speed Controls



Accessory Change System

EZ Twist Nose Cap

EZ Twist Nose Cap





1.2 lbs

1.4 lbs





For DIYers, hobbyists and anyone else into home crafts and home improvement projects, a rotary tool kit is a must-have as there is a lot it can do for you.

And you cannot go wrong by sticking with popular options like the Dremel 3000 and Dremel 4000.

But when you have to pick between these two, it will be important to know that they will differ in various aspects from the motor power and speed to their weight and size and price. But, our guide explains the differences clearly to make the choice an easy one.

Given their differences, the Dremel 3000 will be the perfect choice for DIYers looking for something more compact and affordable while Dremel 4000 is an ideal pick for those that want an easier to control, more powerful and highly versatile rotary tool kit