Emperor Masonry Paint Review Plus Primer & Cremes

Emperor paints have created a series of outside masonry paints designed to protect and preserve your external walls from the elements.

Emperor Paints Example
Emperor Paints Example

They provide a primer, cremes and paints that receives promising results and excellent review ratings.

If you are going to be painting your house then Emperor paints are well-known to have created a paint formula that’s:

  1. Self Cleaning
  2. Repels rainwater (waterproof)
  3. Breathable to avoid moisture retention
  4. Reduces heat loss and can improve energy efficiency
  5. A flexible barrier that is flexible to avoid cracks

This Emperor paint review will reveal why we have chosen Emperor paints as our No1 masonry paint supplier in the UK.

This paint is not like Dulux or Crown it’s a very thick but easily applied mix that lasts many years @£52 for 5litres.

Why Choose Emperor Paints?

I have tried many masonry cremes and paints but always discovered they failed after a few winters because they become brittle.

Once a masonry paint cracks moisture soaks through and causes your paint to fail from behind due to algae, moss growth and moisture.

The Emperor masonry paint forms a flexible barrier that will not fail or crack when exposed to freezing/hot temperatures!

This is the main reason why most widely used masonry paints fail and only last a few years before you have to apply more to cover the previous failing paint brand”

  1. Keeps your residence moisture & damp free
  2. Certified to protect your home against the elements for 25 years
  3. Flexible paint skin that will not crack or discolour

The Emperor Paint Products

Emperor paints specialize in masonry creams and paints.

They have built their brand on protecting your walls with their newest formula that has been certified for efficiency by the Energy Saving Trust.

  • Primer (preps & seals your walls ready for painting)
  • Cremes (clear paint for masonry preservation)
  • Masonry Paints (only one coat is needed)
Emperor Masonry Paint Instructions
Emperor Masonry Paint Instructions

Preparing Your Walls Using Emperor Paint

Emperor paints have their primer to help seal your bricks or render. It’s a key part of painting your house with the Emperor brand.

We would normally advise you to use 1/2 PVA and 1/2 water mix to seal your bricks and render before applying the masonry paint.

Due to the quality of Emperor’s premium primer, we would advise you to seal your house with their primer before applying your finish coat.

You must use a primer with all masonry paints to avoid it cracking and splitting due to the bricks and render behind the paint absorbing its moisture before fully drying.

  • Clean any moss or algae from the face of the brick
  • Repair any joints or render with a strong sand and cement mix
  • Check and repair any external rising damp
  • Remove any old loose paint flakes
  • Apply your primer with a large brush or roller
  • Once your primer has been absorbed into your masonry wall, you can now apply your masonry cream or paint
Emperor Masonry Paint Consistency
Emperor Masonry Paint Consistency

Emperor Mansory Paint Review & Rating

So here is our review and rating:


Emperor masonry paint is the No1 option for homeowners in the UK. It lasts the test of time, easy to apply and covers the first time.

Yes, it’s a more expensive paint line but it offers amazing results. If you are going to paint your house then Emperor should be your first choice.

Experience & Tips

The Emperor masonry paint is a thick mixture that can be applied with a roller and a large brush. You cannot spray this stuff through a sprayer because of the consistency.

We found it easier to apply with a large roller and following behind with a thick brush to make sure you have covered any holes, pits and cement joints.

It will cover in one coat, but you must apply a primer such as PVA mix or use their primer.


  • Little expensive (high quality)
  • Not suitable for floors or wood


  • Covers on the first coat after primer applied
  • Very easy to apply with a brush or roller
  • Backed by the Energy Saving Trust
  • Seal your masonry walls all year round
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Avoid moisture retention leading to damp issues
  • Stop mould and algae from growing under your paint

Our Rating

  1. Test of time: 5/5
  2. Price RANGE: 4/5
  3. Quality Of Product: 5/5
  4. Application: 4/5
  5. Average pricing: 5 litres @£52

Emperors Masonry Creme

Their Masonry creme is a translucent formula that will preserve your bricks and rendered walls.

The creme is a better option for homeowners who are not looking to cover their bricks with paint.

The cream works similar to their paint line, it protects and keeps your house waterproof and protected all year round.

Emperor Paints and Creams Official
Emperor Paints and Creams Official


The Emperor masonry paint line is not your average masonry paint, it’s designed for the home.

It is also backed by the Energy Saving Trust which will evaluate the formula for energy effectiveness.

I highly recommend Emperor paints as the leading company when it comes to painting your home.

Happy Painting 😉

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