Band Saw Tips and Tricks

5 Useful Band Saw Tips and Tricks

Band saws are indispensable tools for most woodworkers and DIYers, thanks to their versatility. These saws come in handy for cutting curves, re-sawing veneers, and even when you want to rough out turning blanks. However, to make the best cuts or get the desired outcomes from your band saw, you … Read more

Wear Safety Equipment

11 Circular Saw Safety Tips to Minimize Injury Risk

While circular saws are robust, efficient and convenient power saws that come in handy for various projects, they pose a significant danger to the users. There are risks associated with kickbacks, point of operation and flying hazards and hence the need to take safety precautions. You can do several things … Read more

Table Saw Safety Tips

8 Table Saw Safety Tips You Should Know in 2021

Despite being one of the most widely used power tools, the table saw is also statistically the most dangerous workshop machine. According to a publication in the National Center for Biotechnology Information journal, medical costs resulting from the table saw injuries exceed $2 billion every year. But these grim statistics … Read more