How Does a Chainsaw Work

7 Important Parts of a Chainsaw

Photo: Stihl While you might not always have the time or see the need to study and understand a complex tool like the chainsaw, it helps a lot to know its most important parts and how it works. Different models will sometimes have a few extra components to increase the … Read more

Helpful Chainsaw Tips for Beginners

7 Helpful Chainsaw Tips for Beginners

When used correctly, chainsaws can be pretty fun tools. What’s more, they are versatile as they can handle various jobs in and around the home, from pruning trees to cutting them and splitting firewood. If you are starting with chainsaws, here we provide a few tips for your safety and … Read more

How to Mix Oil & Gas for Chainsaw

How to Mix Oil & Gas for Chainsaw

Photo: Husqvarna Given most chainsaws typically use a mixture of oil and gas, understanding the two’s proper ratio is vital to ensure the tool’s optimal performance. Besides providing efficient and optimal performance, proper fuel mixture guarantees you get a trouble-free performance and contributes to prolonging the chainsaw’s service life. Step … Read more

Which Way Does the Chain Go on a Chainsaw

Which Way Does the Chain Go on a Chainsaw?

Photo: Like any other power tool, chainsaws require high maintenance. One of the issues that arise from everyday chainsaw maintenance activities such as blade, bar, and chain replacement is setting the chain in the wrong direction. This mistake can have implications on everything from cutting efficiency to safety, and … Read more