How Does a Nail Gun Work

How Does a Nail Gun Work?

Photo: Nail guns can look intimidating even for the most experienced woodworkers. These power tools make jobs look effortless as they drive nails into the toughest woods with exceptional ease, which should explain why they are one of the most popular power tools out there. But, once you understand … Read more

Common Nail Gun Problems

Trouble Shooting Guide: 6 Common Nail Gun Problems

Photo: DeWalt It can be incredibly frustrating when your nail gun starts to malfunction in the middle of an important project or will not work at all. While the actual problem will vary significantly from one nail gun to the other, there are some common ones that are often the … Read more

Types of Nail Guns

12 Main Types of Nail Guns with Their Uses

Photo: Nailing is an essential part of woodworking that involves the driving of nails into wooden surfaces for joining purposes. Traditionally, nailing was done using a hammer, but this was very dangerous because there was the danger of hammering yourself or the nail bouncing off. Nail guns eliminate all … Read more