Examples of emulsion paint on wood

Can You Use Emulsion Paint On Wood?

Yes, you can use emulsion paint on any wood in the house. Emulsion paint works great on wood and can even be used as an undercoat on stairs, spindles, skirting board, doors, frames the list goes on. But, you cannot use emulsion paint on wooden floors. Sanding floorboards and painting … Read more

Steps to painting a room

Do you paint the walls or woodwork first?

In this question, we are going to explain why you should be painting the ceiling, walls and then the woodwork. This process of painting a room will give you a better finish and less work. If you are glossing first then painting the walls and ceiling you are going to … Read more

How To Paint A Render, Stone Or Brick Wall

How to Paint A Stone, Render or Brick Wall?

Many contractors and DIYers have their own preferred and varied way to paint a render, stone or brick wall. So we will share our own way that we have been using for over 30 years. Our preferred way seals and protects the wall from moisture and stops it from flaking … Read more