Artificial Grass & The Many Accessories Needed For Hassle-Free Installation!

Artificial grass is otherwise known as synthetic turf or faux grass. It used to be applied to sporting grounds and projects almost exclusively and considered to be too fake looking for residential installations. But how times have changed!

Fake Grass Accessories
Fake Grass Accessories

Fake grass is now up and down the country in everyone’s back and front gardens!

This article will list the many artificial grass accessories to DIY a hassle-free installation of fake grass for the most novice of landscapers!

Modern Artificial Grass

These days, artificial grass is much softer, more realistic looking and easy to install than ever before.

That means you are much more likely to see it in a wide range of domestic and commercial settings than ever before.

In fact, it’s so realistic nowadays you have likely seen it but not realised that you were looking at fake grass.

Wezaggle Team!

If you’re tempted by the artificial grass revolution and fancy some low-maintenance, beautiful fake foliage for yourself, we can help.

This article has put together a list of accessories needed to install your very own artificial turf correctly.

What You Need To Install Artificial Grass

The Tools Needed For Installation!
The Tools Needed For Installation!

It’s so important that you have the right tools for artificial turf installation.

Which will ensure the results are fantastic, and that the process of laying is as easy as possible for you. Here are some common tools required for laying artificial turf:

  • Putty knife/ sharp Stanley knife
  • Strong gloves for protection against cuts
  • Knee pads for better protection
  • Straight edge ruler/ laser/tape measure
  • Turf cutting tool
  • A sand spreader
  • A strong sweeping brush
  • Notched trail
  • Sharp sand is a must for any serious installer!

You will want to ensure that you have all the necessary tools for laying artificial grass before you go ahead and place the product.

In some instances, it can be easier to hire a professional company to do the job because they already have all of the right tools.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The Materials Needed For Installation!
The accessories Needed For Faux Grass Installation!
  • Pins to hold the grass in place, these resemble tent pegs
  • Sharp sand for levelling the whole area. We recommend a one-inch thickness for a flat but soft lawn!
  • Joint tape is a must to join the fake grass rolls together!
  • Heavy 1 x meter length of 4×4″ to compact the sand. Or a thumper which can be purchased/hired from your local DIY store!

How To Install Artificial Grass

No matter what tools you use for your faux grass installation, if you don’t prepare properly for your turf, then the results may not be very good at all.

Step 1 – Preparation

Preparation is so necessary when it comes to making sure your artificial grass goes down like a professional.

To help ensure your artificial turf results are great, here are our top tips to help you prepare:

  • Ensure that the surface you’re laying on is smooth and flat. Using sharp sand for this job is perfect; 1 inch of sharp sand will level any area!
  • Make sure the ground you lay the artificial grass on is clean and free of debris. Never lay fake turfs over rubble, stone or patios!
  • Check the grass is still what you want, particularly concerning the height, once the ground underneath has been prepared
  • Do not lay artificial grass on top of natural turf
  • Ensure the surface beneath is compacted, you can do this with a mallet or 4 bt four timber!

There are also some specific preparation tips that you may need to follow depending on the type of artificial turf you have chosen.

Step 2 – Laying Your Artificial Grass

Laying artificial grass is a simple process, but various directions apply to different approaches to the task.

Installing Your Artificial Grass Lawn
Installing Your Artificial Grass Lawn

The type of base you use, for example, has an impact on how you lay the grass. If your ever in doubt, consult the manufacturer of your grass.

If you feel the job is too much for you, there are lots of landscaping and gardening contractors who will be more than happy to do the job for you.

Are you hiring a company to lay the artificial lawn? Then it’s a good idea to choose a company who has experience with artificial lawns.

Although it is quite a simple task, as with everything, things can go wrong!

If the company aren’t well versed in laying fake grass, they may leave you not only without your real grass but with an ugly faux lawn in its place.

Do your research and ask to see some examples of faux greens the company have already installed.

If you love the results they have created and you can see real testimonials from previous customers, those are great signs the company could work for you!

Step 3 – Taking Care of Your Artificial Grass

Now you’re the proud owner of a stunning artificial lawn.

Hopefully, you went for the best product that you could afford, as that is the key to the most natural-looking result.

If you’re still looking for an artificial lawn, take a look at our Wezaggle guide to the best fake grass suppliers in the UK.

To further add to the natural look of the lawn, you may wish to add decorations like plants around the edge that will remain green all year round.

Ideally, they will overlap onto the grass somewhat to blend away the rigid boundaries of the fake turf.

Another great way to keep the lawn looking fantastic is to ensure the fibres are standing upright.

A flattened fake grass doesn’t tend to look very good, or real for that matter. You can use a stiff broom to brush the fibres back up for a revived natural lawn look.

Hopefully, you are feeling a little more prepared for laying your new artificial lawn.

With the right tools, product and approach, you can have a gorgeous faux garden that looks and feels fantastic.

Are you looking for more tips on artificial lawns?

Checkout the Wezaggle artificial grass section of the blog, it’s full of handy tips and as add great new articles regularly.

FAQ’S Answered By A Professional Installer!

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about fake grass:

Can I lay fake grass on my patio?

If your patio has a solid concrete base, then this should not be a problem, although you should use sand to make the finished project flat and soft.

Should I use a weed barrier?

No, an excellent fake grass supplier should have this included.

If you inspect the artificial grass first, it should have a rubber bottom which prevents weeds from growing!

How much does fake grass cost?

If you are installing yourself, then you should expect to pay around £15 a square foot.

If a contractor is going to fit your fake grass, then you should expect to pay around £20/25 a square foot!

How to choose right fake grass installer?

When we go to a customers house to price any work, we take pictures of our latest projects!

If you choose three companies to give you a quote, choose the one with a realistic price and previous work examples!

Or you could use one of the many contractor websites like or check-a-trade. These companies are vigilant and will evaluate your work in person at your customer’s house!

But, more importantly, and you can read their latest reviews! Never go for the cheapest for that one reason because you might regret using them!

Should You Hire A Professional Landscaper?

In some cases, you may wish to weigh up whether it’s cheaper and more efficient to buy the tools and lay the turf yourself or hire a company to come in and do the job.

Should I use a long or short pile?

Many customers ask us this question. Our answer is simple; if you have kids or dogs, then we would advise a shorter pile.

Because kids will play on the grass and pets will poo on it!

The longer the pile, the easier it is to get ripped out, if you have a shorter length then it will last longer and will not suffer bald patches!

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