Can a Neighbor Build Over a Boundary Line

Can a Neighbor Build Over a Boundary Line?

It’s always nice when we are open and friendly with our neighbors, but not all neighbors fall into this category. In fact, some can make life rather difficult! Nobody chooses their neighbors, but if you have a clear and open line of communication you can always discuss questions like ‘can … Read more

Can My Neighbor Refuse a Party Wall Agreement

Can My Neighbor Refuse a Party Wall Agreement?

If you are considering a renovation or extension of your property which adjoins another property, you might be wondering about party wall agreements. After all, a party wall is a shared wall between your property and your neighbor’s property. The Party Wall Act 1996 refers to shared walls between terraced … Read more

Barbwire Fence - Examples

Can I Attach BarbWire To My Wall Or Fence?

Barbwire must not be used on private property because it can cause serious harm to both animals and humans. With barbwire being such an effective deterrent it would make sense to attach it to your external walls. But the risk of serious injury is extremely high and you would be … Read more