Growing Fruot On Your Decking - Examples

Top 10 Fruits To Grow On Your Decking

Have you ever considered cultivating your own fruit and veggies? If you have, you’re probably already well aware that your own produce is highly beneficial for the environment, and for your family.  Read about the best 10 fruits to grow on your decking for a fruitful outdoor space.  Who doesn’t … Read more

Weeds and Garden Decking

How Do I Stop Weeds From Growing Through My Decking Boards?

Weeds can be an issue for garden decking if the installer did not take measures to avoid weeds growing through the decking boards. Every installer should take measures before they lay the decking boards across the joists/frame. There are a few methods you can use to stop weeds from taking … Read more

Your ABC Guide To Garden

Building Garden Decking – Step by Step DYI Guide

If your looking to start a new decking project, then this guide to laying garden decking will give you all the right information to help you plan and make the most of the space in your garden. Decking can transform your garden and make it a much more appealing place … Read more

Replacing Old Decking With Composite

Can I Lay Composite Decking Over My Old Decking Boards?

No, but you can lay composite decking boards over your original decking frame. But, you must make sure that the decking frame is solid and not rotten. If you are thinking of laying composite decking boards over your original wooden decking boards then you need to think again. Screwing new … Read more

Cedar Fall Cuprinol Decking Stain!

Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain Reviews

Cuprinol is a well-known name with their Garden Shades edition rated the number 1 shed and fence paint in the UK. So, does their anti-slip decking stain rank well when compared to other brands like OSMO and Ronseal? This Cuprinol decking stain review will reveal our expert opinion and feedback … Read more