How To Lower Cyanuric Acid In Pool

How to Lower Cyanuric Acid in Pool (with 2 Simple Methods)

Besides the obvious cost that comes with installing a swimming pool, you will also need to maintain it to keep it safe and protect your investment. Maintaining a pool often requires the use of different chemicals like chlorine and cyanuric acid (CYA). Adding cyanuric acid ensures the chlorine will not … Read more

How To Vacuum A Pool

How to Vacuum a Pool (With 3 Simple Methods)

Photo: Pool vacuuming significantly simplifies the task of cleaning your pool’s floor, walls, steps, and ladders. By keeping the water clean, this process helps to balance the pool chemicals while keeping algae and other microorganisms in check. That said, in this article, we will look at the procedures for … Read more

How To Backwash A Sand Filter

How to Backwash a Sand Filter (With 6 Easy Steps)

Sand filters don’t trap sand. Instead, they use sand to trap large particles as water is pumped through them. This simple filtration mechanism is very easy to maintain but needs to be thoroughly washed every once in a while, to get rid of residue from the sand. That said, in … Read more

How To Lower Pool pH

How to Lower Pool pH (With 2 Simple Methods)

Photo: If you are a pool owner, then you know that managing its pH is a never-ending cycle. Sometimes it is high and at times it goes lower than the required level (7.2-7.6). That said, if the pH is too high, there are two procedures that you can use … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Waterbugs In Pool

How to Get Rid & Prevent Waterbugs in Pool

Just like how you find your pool to be very attractive, so do the bugs that roam around your compound. As such, you should expect them to join in the party, especially when no one is swimming. Most of these water bugs are not harmful, but they can be very … Read more

How To Clean A Green Pool

How to Clean a Green Pool with 6 Easy Steps

Photo: GettyImages Clean pools usually have a clear or blue color. However, if not properly maintained, a green color might start to form, making the water cloudy. This is not fun to swim in. Well, if this happens to your pool, all is not lost. You can still restore it … Read more

How To Raise pH In Pool

How To Raise pH In Pool with 5 Easy Steps

Pools are fun to have at home but to enjoy swimming, you must maintain the water for healthy use. Keeping it clean/filtered is one of the ways to do this but you should also keep the pH balanced. In this regard, the pH can be acidic (low), neutral, or alkaline … Read more