What is a Saltwater Pool

How to Convert Your Pool to Saltwater Pool

Photo: Getty Images The most common type of pool is the normal chlorine pool. However, it has many cons. For instance, many swimmers complain of skin and eye irritation. For that reason and more, people are opting for saltwater pools that are gentler and easier to maintain. This article discusses … Read more

How to Take Care Of A Pool

Swimming Pool Maintenance: How to Take Care of a Pool

Photo: alpapools.com As a pool owner or a prospective one, you need to be well informed on all aspects of your pool. This will ensure you have an easy time maintaining it. This article explains the basic parts of a swimming pool and discusses major pool maintenance practices. This will … Read more

Ways to Keep Ducks Out Of Pool

10 Ways to Keep Ducks Out Of Pool

Photo: patch.com Wild ducks are waterfowl that migrate mostly in fall. They do this in search of warmer habitat to mate and lay eggs. During their migration, they are constantly looking out for a water body along their migratory flyway to quench their thirst and reproduce. A swimming pool is … Read more

Ways To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool

9 Ways To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool

Photo: bluewaterspoolservices.com Water frogs, while not harmful, are unwelcome in any swimming pool. As a pool owner, you will need to keep them away from your pool, for a good swimming experience. This article explains why you do not want to have frogs in your pool. It also discusses solutions … Read more

Pool Pump Problems

5 Pool Pump Problems & Solutions You Need to Know

Photo: pooluniversity.org Your pool pump is, arguably, the heart of your swimming pool. By keeping the water filtered, clean, and flowing, a pump is what makes swimming a worthwhile and safe experience. That’s why pool problems can significantly degrade the quality of your swimming pool’s water and overall swimming experience. … Read more

Pool Overflowing From Rain

Pool Overflowing From Rain? What to Do & Prevent

Photo: thepoolbutler.net Heavy and consistent rainfall can drastically increase the level of water in your pool, in just a short period. After the rain has leveled out, it may be necessary to remove excess overflow water from your in-ground pool to prevent the many challenges associated with this occurrence. If … Read more