Tips For Smoking Meat In Cold Weather

7 Tips for Smoking Meat in Cold Weather

Cold weather may seem threatening but certainly preparing a lump of smoking meat in cold weather is not a pie in the sky. Instead, having your favorite dish on the table becomes a more pressing vocation in the snow. When you eye to serve your guests with smoking meat in … Read more

How To Smoke Ribs

How to Smoke Ribs Using 3-2-1 Method

Photo: For every fancy meal, ribs are one of the meals that everyone prefers. Whether it is a festival or you are expecting someone special for dinner, your go-to favorite is smoked ribs. While the mantra is simple, set the smoker to 225-degrees F and follow the 3-2-1 method … Read more

How To Smoke A Ham

How to Smoke a Ham (The Complete Guide)

Photo: Getty Images Ham is a pork cut that covers the entire rear side of the pig. Ham is usually sold as either cured or fresh. The type of ham that you purchase will directly impact its taste. But once you’ve decided on the type of ham that you want, … Read more