Gardenkraft Artificial Grass Review

Gardenkraft is a popular brand of artificial grass, it’s sold through many different outlets from online to in-store.

Gardenkraft Artificial Grass Breakdown
Gardenkraft Artificial Grass Breakdown

Being one of the most widely sold brands of faux grasses sold in the UK, Gardenkraft has become one of the leading makers and suppliers.

Our feedback and review into the Gardenkraft will reveal our own experiences through installation to the test of time.

Like all artificial grasses, the key to choosing a quality roll is the test of time and how it can cope with the UK’s changing weather.

What Makes Gardenkraft Grass so Good?

The way this brand of fake grass has become No1 is its selection of pile lengths, colours and the way it has been crafted.

Gardenkraft artificial grass can be laid on soil, grass, patios and so on which is due to its double stitch lining.

The double-stitched lining makes a grass roll thick, soft and acts as a second barrier so your grass looks much more realistic compared to the alternatives in this price range.

  • Double-stitched lining
  • Thicker roll for comfort
  • More realistic feel
  • Easy to install
  • Cleans easily (good for pet owners)

Gardenkraft Artificial Grass Review

Many Colours and Pile Lengths!
Many Colours and Pile Lengths!

The Gardenkraft size selection is 15mm & 20mm with various colours.

The brand has been selling its range of artificial grass since 2010 and has made thousands of sales, but more importantly, users and installers give Gardenkraft their seal of approval.

On many marketplaces, they receive above-average reviews when compared to similar fake grass brands.

  • 15mm & 20mm pile lengths
  • Colours: green and dark green
  • Emerald Green, Lime and various Bi-colours
  • length: 4 meters by 1-meter lengths
  • High density and pile
  • A best-seller since 2010

Gardenkraft does not just supply artificial grass they also have many other lines for the garden from solar panel lights, weed barriers, garden ornaments and much more.

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Customer Reviews

My new lawn looks great, I and my husband installed it and after a few days of bumping sand and levelling, we have a realistic carefree lawn that looks amazing. Gardenkraft was cheaper and their grass is excellent quality!

Susan & Jeoff, Hampshire

Gardenkraft is our number one call for all our fake grass accessories and rolls. Their quality is much superior when compared to others in this price range. Their grass looks great if installed correctly and it does stand the test of time. We have had this brand for a few now and can confirm the colour has not changed and is easy to clean with a hose and some water!

Jane, South Coast landscapers

The Installation Process

Installing fake grass can vary depending on the quality of the grass rolls, with Gardenkraft you get a strong, stretchable and double stitched underlay that is extremely easy to install.

If you are laying this fake grass on the ground such as on soil, dead grass or a patio you must make sure the surface is flat and you use the tape and pegs where required.

  • Always tape the joint with the correct joint tape
  • Peg and stretch is always best for a long-lasting installation
  • Read our guide to installing fake grass DIY


The Gardenkraft artificial grass is one of the best and most realistic fake grass currently on sale in the UK!

We use Gardenkraft every time we install an artificial lawn. It stands the test of time and does not discolour after the first year like so many inferior grass brands.

Many Gardenkraft reviews praise its easy installation and thick double-stitched membrane for less hassle and easy cleaning all year round.

Gardenkraft Fake Grass
Gardenkraft Fake Grass

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