HomeRight C800971.A Review: Versatile HVLP Paint Sprayer

HomeRight C800971.A Review

Photo: HomeRight

What We Like

  • Includes 3 differently-sized brass tips
  • Adjustable paint flow and spray pattern
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes 2 air caps for width adjustment
  • Relatively large 39-oz paint container

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulky spray gun design

Bottom Line

With its nozzle set in different sizes, HomeRight’s C800971.A is a versatile HVLP paint sprayer that can be used on multiple projects.


HVLP sprayers are known to be very efficient because they produce significantly less overspray as compared to the airless type. HomeRight’s C800971.A is no different, but it stands out most due to its versatility.

The unit comes with multiple tips that are optimized for spraying different materials in different projects. There’s much more that this tool has to offer so let’s dive into the review below to learn more.

HomeRight C800971.A Review

HomeRight C800971.A

Photo: HomeRight

Performance & Coverage: Versatile with Different Spray Patterns

The HomeRight C800971.A is a versatile HVLP paint sprayer and this is due to its tip collection. It comes with three differently sized brass tips, with a 4mm, 2mm, and 1.5mm orifice diameter respectively.

Each of these is color-coded for easy referencing at a glance as you work on your projects. The 4mm tip is red and is ideal for spraying thick materials such as primers and latex paint.

This tip produces a wide 10-12-inch spray pattern with a medium finish, which is recommended for spraying walls, fences, decks, and ceilings.

Since two air caps are included in the set (black and yellow), you need to use this tip with the yellow cap because it is optimized for wide spraying.

On the other hand, the 2mm tip is green and it is ideal for working with latex, chalk type, and milk type paints. This should be used with the black air nozzle as it produces a finer 1-6-inch spray pattern, which is ideal for working on furniture and cabinets.

Lastly, there is a blue 1.5mm tip, which is ideal for spraying stains and polyurethane. It produces a small 1-6-inch spray pattern that is very similar to the 2mm tip’s output and is recommended for furniture and woodworking projects.

There are three more tips that you can buy as extras to expand the sprayer’s capabilities. These can be bought as a set, which is the HomeRight C900110 spray tip multi-pack.

The three units are also color-coded and they include a black 3.5mm tip, a yellow 2.5mm tip, and an orange 1mm tip.

A tip selection chart with this information is included in the user manual to guide you in the selection process.

Setup: Quick and Easy

The C800971.A comes as a complete self-contained spraying unit (its 450-watt turbine and spray gun are mounted in one piece) and therefore, very few parts need to be assembled before use.

The setup process is quick and easy. First things first, determine the tip that you need for your project using the tip selection chart in the user manual. Install this tip using the included wrench to fasten it tightly.

Insert the pick-up tube in the cylinder housing and since it is angled at the bottom half, ensure it faces backward if you will be spraying in an upward direction. If you’ll be spraying in a downward direction, make sure it faces forward.

Fill the cup with paint then attach it to the sprayer and plug it into a wall outlet. Install then twist the air cap to adjust the spray pattern to horizontal, vertical, or cone.

Turning the wings of the cap to a vertical position produces an oval horizontal spray while in a horizontal position, it produces an oval vertical spray. With the wings in a diagonal position, you get a circular pattern.

After this, adjust the material flow using the flow control knob. Turning it clockwise (+) increases the material flow, which produces a large spray pattern. Turning it counter-clockwise (-) reduces the material flow, which creates a smaller and finer spray.

Once this is set, you are done. These instructions are explained in detail in the user manual for clearer guidance.

Operation: Use Thinned Paints

Though it has a relatively powerful 450-watt turbine, this is not sufficient to produce enough pressurized air to pull up unthinned paint from the cup. Therefore, you need to thin the material and this should be done according to the paint/stain manufacturer’s guidelines.

Generally, you might need to thin by 5-15% to produce the optimum spray pattern.

That said, before getting into the actual project, you practice first by spraying onto cardboard or newspaper while making paint flow and spray pattern adjustments. Once you get the optimal settings, you can begin working on your project.

Portability: Very Lightweight

Weighing in at only 2.76 lbs., HomeRight’s C800971.A is very lightweight and this makes it easy to carry.

However, it is worth noting that the turbine and spray gun in one design makes it a bit bulky and therefore, it might be a bit difficult to fit in tight spaces such as between compact shelves.

Cleanup: Takes a Few Minutes

Cleaning up this unit is quite easy, and it involves two main steps. First is the removal of paint from the pipelines inside and for this, begin by unplugging the sprayer from the wall outlet.

Remove the paint cup and empty any remaining material into a storage can. Fill this container halfway with a cleaning solution, in which you should use warm water for latex paints and a manufacturer-recommended solvent for oil-based materials.

Attach this container back to the sprayer, plug it in and spray the solution through the nozzle for a few seconds. Make sure you spray into a waste container for safe disposal. After this, unplug the sprayer then remove the paint cup.

The second step involves the cleaning of the tip and with the paint cup removed, undo the pick-up tube and its sealing ring. Next, remove the air cap ring, the winged air cup, and unscrew the brass fluid nozzle. Clean all these pieces in warm, soapy water.

Also, clean the nozzle’s housing and the brass needle using the included cleaning brush then leave the pieces to dry.

You should check the air filter every once in a while, and if too dirty, a replacement is due. Luckily, the access door is built at a convenient place behind the turbine for quick replacement. All you need to do is buy the HomeRight C900088.A air filter.

Price: Quite Costly

For an HVLP paint sprayer, the C800971.A is quite expensive because it costs over $200. On the bright side, you get multiple accessories in the set, which include a cleaning brush, a wrench, 3 nozzles, and 2 air caps.

If this is too expensive for you, the manufacturer has two other HVLP sprayers in their lineup, and these are the HomeRight Finish Max and Quick Finish.

The Finish Max has a less powerful 400-watt turbine, which offers less atomization, and a smaller 27-oz paint cup. It comes with a single 2mm brass tip.

The Quick Finish is the most affordable option but also has a small 27-oz. paint cup. Its turbine wattage is not given but going by the trend, it should be less powerful.

However, it does have one outstanding feature, which is lock-n-go technology. This allows you to separate the turbine from the other sections for quick paint color changes and easy cleaning.


A versatile HVLP paint sprayer that is ideal for DIYers working on multiple projects around the home. 

With its 3-nozzle set and a possible expansion to 6, HomeRight’s C800971.A can be used to spray a wide variety of materials to produce different results for different projects. As such, it is the ideal painting tool for a DIYer wanting to renovate furniture, walls, fences, etc.


  • Product Name: HomeRight C800971.A
  • Product Brand: HomeRight
  • Power: 450 watts
  • Cup Size: 39 oz.
  • Maximum Tip Size: 4 mm (0.15) inches
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 6 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.76 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

Key Features

  • Includes 3 differently-sized color-coded tips (3 more sizes are available as extras).
  • Self-contained spraying unit with a 450-watt built-in turbine.
  • Adjustable air cap for pattern adjustment.
  • Adjustable material flow.
  • Includes two air caps for wide or fine spraying.
  • Built-in access door for quick and easy inlet air filter changes.
  • Angled pickup tube.