How Do I Level A Concrete Floor Using Self Levelling Compound?

Floors can become uneven over time because new houses move and old houses also move. So, you might find that your concrete floor is not level.

Levelling Your Concrete Floors
Levelling Your Concrete Floors

Or maybe you are going to lay tiles, laminate flooring or a new carpet and want a level floor to walk over.

This article will explain the process of levelling a concrete floor using a levelling compound or concrete and give you some pointers to think about before choosing which method to use.

What you DO NOT want to do when levelling a concrete floor is use an inferior cement/concrete mix and end up with cracks and have to rip up your levelled floor because the mixture failed once set!

How To Effectively Use Levelling Compound?

A levelling compound is the most successful way to level a floor, it will not crack because it uses latex and cement which holds the levelling compound together when dry.

It is a very simple process when levelling the floor. You “MUST” let the levelling compound do its work and not mess with the solution too much.

Here is the process you should use to successfully level your concrete floor.

  1. Clean any debris with a stiff brush
  2. Remove your skirting boards
  3. If you leave your skirting boards down they will become stuck
  4. Check for holes, especially around the edges
  5. Fill any holes with sand and cement
  6. Mix your levelling compound as directed
  7. Slowly pour the mixture over the floor
  8. Working towards the door
  9. Carefully move the levelling compound around the room
  10. Leave the levelling compound to level out
  11. Leave to set and you will have a flat floor

The key to using a levelling compound is NOT to play with it too much.

If you continuously move it around with a trowel then you are going to create bubbles and the mix is going to crack.

Pour, move and then leave, this way you get a flat concrete floor every time.

Other Methods To Levelling Floors

If you are good with a float and a straight edge then you can use a cement mix to level your floor.

Using cement and water is another option but tends to crack if you do not get the mixture right.

For beginners, the levelling compound is key to success. It simple to use and works every time.

If you are going to level your floor with a sand and cement mix then it must be 3 inches thick or it will crack. for the perfect mix for flooring use the 1-2-3 ratio.

If you are levelling a larger area then use steel supports and mesh to support your cement when dry.

Conclusion To Levelling Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can become unlevel, it can be a moisture issue or just general movement. But, levelling a floor with a levelling compound is a simple process.

The latex stops it from cracking because your levelling compound will be about 1/2 inch thick, but depends on the condition of your concrete floor.

If you have any questions or advice not covered in this answer then use the comment section below and we will be happy to help.

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