How do I Repair An Inflatable Hot Tub Puncture?

Inflatable hot tubs are great and good for the price tag, but what should you do when your hot tubs start hissing & leaking air?

Repairing a puncture for a hot tub!
Repairing a puncture for a hot tub!

A puncture in your inflatable hot tub can result in disaster because you might not notice until it is too late and water has spilt all over the garden.

TOP TIP: Hot tub brands such as Lay-Z-Spa or Mspa supply a puncture repair kit, so be sure to check the original box.

Most hot tub models have two inflatable sections the main backing and the ring above the backing wall.

These sections of your hot tub are easily popped with jewellery, buttons, dog claws and other sharp objects.

If these sections have a puncture it’s easy to fix and repair, explained below:

How To Repair Your Inflatable Hot Tub Puncture?

When repairing your hot tub you must use a solvent-based glue because it slightly melts both surfaces making a better seal so no air can escape.

You should have been supplied with a rubber sheet you can cut into pieces to suit the puncture.

Depending on the location of the puncture you might have to deflate and empty any water still inside the hot tub:

  1. To detect the puncture pour water over your hot tub
  2. You will notice bubbles as the air escapes
  3. Mark your puncture with chalk
  4. Empty the hot tub of both water and air
  5. Clean and dry the area around the puncture
  6. Cut a square of rubber enough to cover the puncture
  7. Apply the solvent-based glue on the cut rubber
  8. Then gently cover the puncture using pressure
  9. Leave this to dry for about 2-4 hours

Once your puncture repair has set, start to fill up the hot tub with air. When your hot tub reaches maximum pressure check your repair job.


If you hear hissing or bubbles appear when you run water over your repair job then it has failed. You have either used a too-small amount of rubber or not enough glue!

Be sure to allow half an inch around the puncture, this will provide enough glued area for an airtight seal.

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  1. Inflatable hot tub, section where bubbles come from has lifted of base need strong glue/ sealant to hold it down to stop it lifting under pressure of bubbles. What do recommend


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