How High Can I Build My Garden Fence Or Boundary Wall?

There is a lot of hearsay when it comes to the height of your garden fence, In residential properties, you can have a 6.6 feet fence without planning permission.

Wall & Fence height UK
Wall & Fence height UK

There are many reasons homeowners require a higher fence, but if you are not on good terms with your neighbour or a higher fence will block out your neighbours sunshine then expect your application to be rejected.

Planning Permission Process

If your looking to go higher than 6.6 feet then you will require planning permission, a planning application will be submitted and sent to your affected neighbours.

But, If you neighbour does not want to have a higher fence then they can dispute it and your application WILL be rejected.

If your neighbour approves the application then you are legally allowed to build a higher wall or fence.

It’s that simple, do not get caught out and make sure you follow the rules around fencing in the UK.

Maximum height of a wall or fence

We all love privacy now and again, but exceeding the maximum 6.6 feet garden wall or fence will require planning permission.

If you have gone higher by adding trellis then you will be required to remove the trellis or face a fine and a court date.

  • 6.6 feet maximum height
  • A Trellis is still a fence
  • 1-meter for front gardens
Neighbour Disputes - Law and Practises
Neighbour Disputes – Law and Practises

The Alternatives & Workarounds

If your planning application has been disputed then there are not many workarounds for having a higher fence.

Although if your fence originally was higher than 6.6 feet then you can replace it like for like because the fence was already above the UK standard.

Conifers and bushes
Conifers and bushes

Another popular option is growing bushes or conifers. Conifers are a fast-growing tree that will shoot up in a matter of years.

You can expect a 12-foot tree in around 3-4 years from 2/3 feet saplings.

Conifers & Bushes

Because bushes & trees do not require planning permission this is the most popular option when all else has failed.

You can buy 6-feet conifers and have them planted by a landscaping company.

If you are determined to have a higher boundary wall or fence then this would be legal for any homeowner in the UK.

Just make sure you keep them in good shape by cutting and pruning once a year.

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