How Much Paint Do I Need?

Every DIY enthusiast should plan and order the correct amount of paint for the job at hand. Planning is key to success if you under-order the amount of paint needed then you will have to order more.

Hopefully, they have not run out or ended that line of paint because it can be costly to match paint colours.

Measure The Area Being Painted

Ther is a simple sum you can use to get the area of the room you will be painting.

Calculating the area that is being painted
Calculating the area that is being painted

But first, you have to measure the walls separately and then add them up to get the area you want covering.

If you are measuring for a ceiling then you need to measure the floor space and so on.

Once you have measured each wall you intend to paint, just add them together and that is the area to be covered.

If you need two coats of paint then just double the area calculated.

Calculating Floors And Ceilings

Calculating your floors and ceilings are the same as a wall, just measure the outside width/length and multiply.

Calculating your floor area
Calculating your floor area

Be sure to double the area if you are applying 2 coats of paint. Check the paint pot for the average coverage (example: 40m2).

All paint brands will display how many metres squared their paint will cover on average use.

Happy Painting 😉

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