How Often Should I Water My Plants? Indoors, Outside And Potted Plants!

Watering your plants is a must especially when the summer months start and you get a lot of heat being transferred through your plants.

Guide To Watering Your Plants!
Guide To Watering Your Plants

But overwatering certain types of plants, shrubs and vegetables can kill them off quicker than the slugs in the night. Our rule of thumbs is simple when it comes to watering your plants, you should be doing this ONLY when the soil is damp at least two inches below the surface.

How Often Should I Water Outside Plants?

Overwatering outside plants and vegetables that are planted in the ground can stunt their growth.

Yes, if you’re overwatering your plants then their root system will not reach deep because they are getting water at a shallow depth.

If you reduce the amount of water you are providing to your plants then their root systems will venture deeper into the soil and soak up more nutrients making them stronger, self-sufficient and producing bigger yields, flowers and growth.

  • Never flood the root system
  • Feed once a week
  • Reduce water dependency

If your plants are visibly wilting then you must feed them, this can happen when the sun is shining all day.

The best time to water outside plants is in the evening, you do not want to flood their leaves before the midday sun because they have a tendency to burn or brown.

If a plant’s leaves are damaged then they cannot soak up energy from the sun and will die off.

TOP TIP: For the best results always water when the sun has gone down.

How Often Should I Water Potted & Indoor Plants?

For potted plants in the garden and around the house, you should use the rule of thumb test, push your thumb into the soil and if it’s dry then feed or water your plants.

Potted plants and vegetables need all the nutrients they can get so the key is not to let it dry out and give them the right feed at least once a week.

  1. Feed once a week
  2. Never overwater


There is no definitive answer as too when to water your plants if the soil is wet or damp then leave it until the next day.

You do not have to set a pattern when growing successful plants.

If its wet leave it alone, but finding that point when a plant is thirsty will depend on the location, type of plant, weather and experience.

Happy gardening 😉

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