How To Brighten Up Your Garden? 9 Simple Tips!

We reveal how to make your garden brighter and more beautiful with our easy to follow tips and tricks.

Ideas to brighten up your garden
Ideas to brighten up your garden

A garden is a place where plants naturally bring vivid greens, browns and other natural tones often year-round. Even the weeds bring a touch of colour!

The problem is, the colour palette of the outdoor space can fall a bit flat at times if there aren’t multiple colours or textures to enjoy.

In the same way, a forest painting or picture comes to life with a carpet of stunning bluebells on the ground, or a sprinkling of pink or white blossoms, your garden can have that extra oomph with some straightforward changes and additions.

Making Your Garden Colourful Again!
Making Your Garden Colourful Again!

If you’re looking for a garden that is brighter and more beautiful without having to hire a professional gardener, you’ve come to the right place.

9 Tips To Brighten Up Your Garden

With our tips, your garden will have more personality and gorgeous colourful aesthetic in no time:

Take Away Noisy Visual Distractions

Corners full of old plastic plant pots or untamed bushes can be very distracting and may suck up all the beauty you try and add elsewhere.

For this reason, having a good clear out and declutter of your outdoor space can be a great start to your backyard beautifying process.

Do think carefully about what you throw out though as some of it could come in useful for your new renovations. Old pots, for example, might be able to be painted. Smashed tiles could be great for a mosaic.

Older furniture made from wood might be able to be painted and upcycled.

At the very least, consider giving away or selling as much as you can to avoid anything going to landfill and to raise some cash for your new garden changes.

If you have a lot of great plants, you could donate them to a charity gardening project or consider a plant swap where you could get some colourful plants to enhance your garden space without having to spend a thing.

Focus On The Wood Accessories

Clean, Oil and Stain Wood Accessories!
Clean, Oil and Stain Wood Accessories!

The shed, the fence and the decking are fantastic places to start when it comes to brightening up your garden. You can stain the wood or paint it, with subtle colours or perhaps brighter beach hut pastel yellows, blues or pinks could look beautiful. (Cuprinol Garden Shades!).

With a couple of dry afternoons work, your garden can be transformed just with these changes alone.

Add Some Colourful Plants

If you fancy a bit of garden renovation while you brighten it up, adding more plants that pack a punch with apparent benefits is a great idea.

Add some Colour With Seasonal Plants!
Add some Colour With Seasonal Plants!

Don’t forget that you don’t need flowers to bring colour. Lots of different plants have stunning leaf colours of purple, pinks, whites and greens.

Some bring colour with fruits or veggies, of course, that also means you would be growing your own, which your whole family will benefits.

The More Colour The better!
The More Colour The better!

Then, of course, you do have flowers to bring some WOW to your garden pallet naturally.

Working with perennials is a great idea if you want flowers to bloom in your outdoor space all year wrong.

Use Colourful Pots

Taking the plants, you already have potted and put them in bright pots is a straightforward way to brighten up displays you already have.

Adding Colourful Pots, Will make all the difference!
Adding Colourful Pots, Will make all the difference!

Rather than spending lots on colourful pots, you can buy cheap terracotta pots from bargain shops and some cheap suitable spray paints and create your colourful pots for much less.

Soft Furnishings Adapted To Suit The Trends

Every season there is a new colour or pattern that dominates outdoor accessories. So while you may make your decking look beautiful, using our guides.

Or you may commit to a whole new veggie bed, those changes are more permanent and take a lot of time.

Soft furnishings, however, are one of the quickest and cheapest ways to transform the style of your garden.

Cushions, blankets, furniture upholstery and soft table dressings are all easily switched and brightened in the space of a few hours (including a leisurely shopping trip of course!).

Clean All Dirts

Sometimes we can get so used to how permanent parts of the garden look that we don’t notice areas that used to look much brighter.

It is incredible what a jetwash can do to transform dirty windows, patio tiles and paths.

Perhaps before you add anything to your garden, or even set about clearing anything up, a good wash could be what your outdoor space needs to brighten it up.

Use Reflections & Lights

Colour is made from light, and so it makes sense that by adding more light and reflective surfaces to your garden, you will naturally bring more colour too.

Not only will this brighten your garden, but it will also make it more atmospheric if you add some evening lighting too.

Here are some great ideas for garden reflective surfaces and light options:

  • Fence mirrors
  • Water features including mirrored accessories
  • Mirror surface orbs
  • Outdoor fairy lights
  • Outdoor tree lanterns
  • Glass fence or tree hangings

Play With Colourful Gravels

Soil toppings come in a vast range of plant-friendly colours and can be a great way to add colourful sections to your garden.

Pots with bright yellow gravel topping or an outdoor succulent plant with turquoise stone toppings can look beautiful.

Keep As Many Aspects Of Your Garden Light As Possible

As with the inside of your home, the more light surfaces in your garden, the brighter it will look. Which will naturally highlight any colours you add and help to bring more light and brightness into space overall.

So when it comes to your dining set, your decking stain, your fence paint choices and any other materials in your garden, consider lighter options.

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul!



With our tips above, some creativity and a spare weekend, you can transform your garden from dark and dingy to bright and beautiful.

Be brave, experiment, and utilise every inch of space.

Before long you’ll have a stunning rainbow aesthetic to rival any professional gardens or pleasant wildflower meadows.

Would you like more tips on enhancing your decking space? Check out our entire Wezaggle decking section on the blog for lots of handy tips.

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