How To Clean Artificial Grass? The Only Effective Way To Avoid Discolouring And Grass Loss

Over time artificial grass becomes dirty and smelly depending if you have a dog or cat that likes to use it for their litter tray.

How To Clean Artificial Grass, Successfully!
How To Clean Artificial Grass, Successfully!

Just like a carpet at home, your fake grass will hold dirt and other debris over time.

In this article, we are going to share with you the dos and don’ts when it comes to cleaning your artificial/fake grass.

Artificial Grass Cleaning Don’ts

To successfully clean your artificial grass you must not use any chemicals, adding chemicals to clean your fake grass will kill it off just as quick as real grass.

Chemicals will stain and remove the colour, but might also cause it to fall apart. Chemicals such as bleach, floor cleaner and carpet cleaner are big don’ts.

  • Do not use potent cleaning chemicals
  • Also, detergents can cause colour loss
  • Avoid using rakes, due to lost pile
  • A stiff brush will also rip out the pile

Artificial grass is delicate no matter where you purchase it from.

Using rakes and stiff brushes will over time cause bald patches and chemicals will bleach it white instantly upon drying.

Before Cleaning Your Artificial Grass

Before you start to clean your fake lawn make sure you:

  1. Remove any weeds around the edges or weeds growing through your grass
  2. Clear leaves and other debris such as stones or pebbles

How To Clean Artificial Grass

There is only one way to clean artificial grass!

We use this method every time because we know it works extremely well and does not cause discolouring or remove any pile of the grass.

  • Fill a bucket with water
  • Add a squirt of washing-up liquid
  • Mix until it starts to foam
  • Grab a SOFT bristled brush
  • Dip in the solution
  • Create a foam over the fake grass
  • Brush over the pile vigorously
  • Leave for 30 minutes
  • Either with a hose or leave to dry


It is a very simple process that is highly successful, the washing-up liquid does not discolour and very gentle on your artificial grass.

You can use this method of cleaning your artificial grass weekly without any negative effects of your fake lawn.

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