How Do I Repair A Hole In Plasterboard?

With plasterboard being soft, especially when you knock it or accidentally throw a controller at it. Plasterboard breaks easily, so how do you repair and fix holes plasterboard?

Plasterboard Hole
Big Plasterboard Hole

In this article, I will be explaining how you can repair a hole in your plasterboard in easy steps.

Repairing a hole in the plasterboard is different from a hole in a brick wall because there will be a cavity and you cannot use filler because it will just fall into the void.

So, you need to create a backing so you can then attach a smaller piece of plasterboard and then fill the hole with filler.

Instructions To Filling Your Plasterboard Hole!

Leave the interior filler for a few hours, once your filler is dry sand it with fine sandpaper and you will be ready to paint your repair job.

  1. Clean the hole and cut excess hanging plasterboard away
  2. Cut a piece of batten 2 inches wider than the hole
  3. Insert the batten inside the hole so each side is even
  4. Screw both ends of the batten behind the plasterboard
  5. Cut a piece of plasterboard and screw it onto the batten
  6. Fill the smaller holes with filler and leave to dry
  7. Once dry sand the filler down until it feels smooth to the touch
  8. Paint your DIY plasterboard hole and no one will ever know

TOP TIP: Make sure the screws are flush with the plasterboard, this will produce better results when you use interior filler to repair the plasterboard.

1) Use Batten (2 inches wider than the hole)

The trick to filling a hole in plasterboard is to use a piece of timber or batten bigger than the hole 1″ by 1″.

Step 1 to repairing plasterboard
Step 1 to repairing plasterboard

Insert the batten into the hole and turn it so either end of the batten is behind the plasterboard.

Once your batten is in position screw either end so it is fixed to the plasterboard.

2) Secure Your Batten Behind The Plasterboard

Now the batten is fixed “behind” the plasterboard securely make sure the screw heads are flush or just pinching the plasterboard.

This helps when you come to fill in the screw heads with filler.

Step 2 to repairing plasterboard
Step 2 to repairing plasterboard

If the screw heads are too prominent you will see the screw heads after sanding.

So be sure to screw them in enough behind the first layer of the plasterboard!

3) Use Piece of Plasterboard (fit into the hole)

The next step is to cut out a piece of plasterboard that will fit into the hole and screw it in place.

Once you have your batten and piece of plasterboard in the correct position you can now repair it with fine interior filler.

Step 3 to repairing plasterboard
Step 3 to repairing plasterboard

Use a wide scraper and spread the filler until it’s smooth.


This is the easiest way to fill plasterboard holes, it’s simple and works every time.

This method also works on bigger holes, so you might need two battens for bigger plasterboard holes when repairing.

Happy Plasterboard Repairing 😉

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