How To Find A Good Local Landscape Gardener In The UK?

Landscape gardening is a trade that takes time to learn, anyone can pull up trees and dig holes.

Hiring A Landscape Gardener
Hiring A Landscape Gardener

But if you’re looking for a professional trade in the UK with the knowledge to create that perfect garden then you will need a professional.

A professional landscaper will need to have gardening, carpentry and building skills.

So, to answer this question, we will be sharing some sources for our readers to hire a TRUE tradesperson who can read plans and implement that design correctly, efficiently and at the correct costs.

Tips To Hiring a Landscaper

Successful Tips When Hiring A Landscape Gardener
Successful Tips When Hiring A Landscape Gardener

Learning a trade takes time, but specialising in that trade will take longer. We always recommend you use a person or company with a long history!

It’s as simple as that, never use companies that knock on your door claiming to offer a great price.

We are not saying that all companies that cold call are useless, it’s just not worth the trouble.

Always ask for references, detailed quotes and history of previous landscaping work.

  • Never hire cold calling companies
  • Ask for detailed quotes
  • previous work and references if possible

Finding a Local Landscape Gardener

I’m sure you have all seen the local ads on TV, you post a job and you receive offers about your job enquiry.

Some of these companies have a terrible history, they charge tradespeople to bid and an extortionate monthly membership fee.

They make money from charging their landscape gardeners and other tradespeople when they bid on a job.

The selection is poor and you end up with a shoddy job that was overpriced and not up to scratch.

My Builder – Best Option has to be the best. They offer a friendly user interface that is simple and easy to navigate.

I have a few contractor friends who will only use this website because they provide hassle-free quality jobs.

You need to be confirmed and have a history of completed work, references and they will visit you on-site to confirm your real deal.

  • Free to post landscape gardening jobs
  • Receive enquiries from confirmed tradespersons
  • All tradesperson go through a vigorous quality work process
  • Browse previous work, references and feedback

The Association Of UK Landscapers

Another great company is the Association of Professional Landscapers, who specialise in landscaping companies, you must also pass their inspection process to be listed.

They only deal with landscaping companies so you will get the best companies in your local area.

Just browse through the listings, search for your local area and you make contact.

  • Specialise in landscape gardening
  • In-depth listing process for all landscapers
  • Free to find a localised tradesperson in your town or city

Go Local

Not all landscape gardeners are listed on these job board websites because they work by word of mouth.

A good tradesperson will get work from recommendations and nothing else. These are the companies you can rely on because they will live up to expectations.

If you know of anyone local, friends or work friends that have used a landscaping company recently they can recommend then that could be a solid choice for your perfect garden.

How To Choose a Landscape Gardener?

There are many landscape gardeners up and down the UK. Some are amazing and will provide a great experience where others are not so good.

Here are some tips to help you decide who to choose:

  • Ask for references and previous work in the LOCAL area
  • Never go for the cheapest because it’s a cheap quote
  • Contact 3 or more companies to quote for the work
  • Request a detailed quote for labour and materials


If you stick to these simple tricks to choosing the perfect landscape gardener then you will have great success.

Landscape gardening is hard work but also needs a high amount of experience and knowledge so the finished job is a good one.

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