How Do I Fix A Dripping Tap?

That drip drip drip drip noise has got to be the worst thing in the kitchen or bathroom. A dripping tap can waste over 3 gallons of water a year and it’s such a simple to fix.

How to fix that dripping tap!
How to fix that dripping tap!

We are going to show you how to fix that dripping tap in easy to understand instructions. This is a step by step guide to fixing a leaking tap like a pro.

Tools For Fixing Leaking/Dripping Taps

  1. One adjustable spanner.
  2. A new washer (you can get these at any plumbing shop or DIY store)
  3. A cloth to clean any dirty parts.

Step By Step Guide To Fix Dripping Tap

This a step by step guide to fixing a dripping tap or a leaking tap with ease.

  1. Turn off the isolator to the tap, this is normally located under the sink, if not follow along the pipes from the tap until you find the isolator. Make sure it’s turned off tight (turning clockwise)
  2. Go back to the tap and turn it on fully to make sure all the water has drained from the pipes and there is no more water coming out of the tap
  3. Take your adjustable spanner and undo the middle section of the tap. Now take the section out of the tap, after cleaning it remove the washer and replace it with the new one
  4. Make sure you hold the spout of the tap when tightening the tap up
  5. Clean any dirt from the tap making sure the spout is clear and clean from limescale.
  6. Turn the isolator back on (anti-clockwise) and no more dripping tap


If you have successfully fixed your dripping tap then great job.

But, if the tap is still dripping then you might have used the wrong washer or the washer is not sitting flat in the tap.

These are common problems if you have never changed a tap washer before.

We would suggest you contact the supplier or take the top of the tap with you to the DIY store, but remember that you have to keep the isolator in the off position.

Happy Plumbing;)

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