How To Get Rid Of Ants Nests From My Garden?

Ants can become a problem for gardeners because they can damage the root systems to your vegetables and flowers.

Getting Rid Of Ants From The Garden!
Getting Rid Of Ants From The Garden!

But they can also venture into the house if they are not stopped from multiplying.

The way to get rid of ants is to use an ant powder, you can purchase a tub of ant powder from most hardware and gardening shops all over the UK.

Ant powder should be spread over the ant trails and nests, after you have enough powder on the floor the ants will take it back to their nest because they believe it’s food and the rest is self-explanatory.

If you cannot locate the ant nest just follow the trail of ants, it’s that simple.

Ants Can Benefit The Garden!

Ants are good for the garden, they remove grubs, caterpillars and other critters that will eat your vegetables and flowers.

If you find your garden is overrun with ants and destroying your root system then the only option is to remove this pest.

Pet-Friendly Option To Get Rid Of Ants

Another option is to use boiling water and washing up liquid which is a good way to get rid of ants, just pour over the nest and the hot water will do the rest.

This option is good for people who own pets and are worried about them ingesting the ant poison.

Has your garden been overrun with ants? Then, remember that there can be more than one ant nest in your garden. You will have to investigate and locate each nest to correctly get rid of them from your garden.

  • Do not use a cheap ant powder because they do not work as good
  • Make sure you remove all ant nests from your garden
  • Be careful with ant poison around pets and young ones

Our Tip: The evening would be the best time to spread the powder because you can wash it down in the morning before your pets or kids start playing in the garden!

By this time the ants should have taken enough poison into their nest to cause enough damage to drastically reduce or eradicate them.


We love to hear from our readers here at Wezaggle, so if you have a successful remedy for removing ants from the garden feel free to posts any ideas in the comment section below.

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  1. We just got a set of donated sofas, the same evening my son found a ants on his shoulder. I do not know wether to treat both at home if just get rid of them. Is been 24 hrs since I brought them in my new home, I searched them I did not see any evidence of trail but the fabric is dark also… what should I do.?


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