How To Lay Artificial Grass? Step By Step Guide With Expert Tips!

Laying artificial grass is a simple process but you have to be consistent. Everything must be level and you will need all materials in one place. The first task would be to order your artificial grass.

Beginners guide to laying artificial grass
Beginners guide to laying artificial grass

This is where some DIY jobs go wrong, they even over order or under order their artificial grass roll and then have to go back to the DIY store to buy more.

Plan, Measure and Calculate

Calculating the area designated for artificial grass must be correct. Here is the simple equation needed to measure the area you plan on laying your fake grass:

Measuring your area!
Measuring your area!

Once you have ordered your artificial grass you will need to order:

  • Hammer, knife, pins, joint tape, gloves, straight edge
  • Sharp sand enough for a 1-inch thickness
  • Fixing pins for edges and seems
  • Joint tape to joint artificial grass rolls

Boundary & Edging For A Good Finish

Artificial grass edging ideas
Artificial grass edging ideas

One of the most important parts of laying artificial grass is the finish. How are you going to finish the edging:

  • Pins
  • Under decking
  • Plastic edging
  • Concrete edging

You cannot just leave the edge of the artificial grass hanging over because the sand will eventually work its way out and you will have a sloping fake lawn.

The finish must be planned before you start, some installers use timber, plastic or concrete boundaries and then pin the artificial grass in front. This keeps the sand solid and in place, so when you walk over it the sand base stays solid.

Preparing The Area For Laying Artificial Grass

Arifical Grass - The Best UK Suppliers_Products
Arifical Grass – The Best UK Suppliers_Products

Once you have ordered your artificial grass, tools, sand and other accessories then you need to prepare the area. Removing any dead grass, rocks, weeds, plants will ready the ground for the sand. Once you have removed debris you need to:

  1. Spread the sand
  2. Cover the whole area
  3. At a thickness of 25mm (1-inch)
  4. Use the straight edge to get the surface level
  5. Compact the sand with something heavy and flat
  6. You can hire stompers from your local DIY store

Using A Separate Membrane?

A membrane is not a vital option because it tends to hinder the laying process with slipping ETC. The best artificial grass will already be attached to a strong membrane suitable to lay straight onto your sand base.

Laying The Artificial Grass

Installing Your Artificial Grass Lawn
Installing Your Artificial Grass Lawn

Once you have prepared the area, compounded the sand you should be left with a super flat surface with no dents or slopes.

If you have any imperfections once you lay the fake grass it will stand out! So be sure the area is flat, solid with good edging to stop movement.

Top Tip: If your artificial grass is rolled up then you need to leave it for 12 hours to shrink. If you lay the artificial grass from the roll then you will experience shrinking.

  • Start in a corner and hammer two pins to keep it still
  • Roll out the grass until it reaches the other end
  • Use your straight edge and a sharp knife
  • Make sure the cut is straight and true
  • Pin on the edge and at the ends to keep it in place

Pinning, Taping or Gluing?

When you have pinned and secured your first length of grass, the next roll will need to be taped to your first roll. We believe taping is easier than glueing for a beginner.

Fake Grass Accessories
Fake Grass Accessories

Before you tape the joints cut the second length of artificial grass into place. Once you are ready to lay the second length, run your tape all the way down and then roll out the second length. When connecting the second length be sure to push the two lengths together with your body weight.

Continue fitting and laying your artificial grass until you have covered the area. Once this is complete add any pins to help your fake grass stay in place.

Extra Advice & Help When Laying Fake Grass

We hope this beginners guide to laying artificial grass has helped you plan and successfully DIY your fake lawn. If you happen to have any questions or need some personal advice then feel free to ask here, or use the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “How To Lay Artificial Grass? Step By Step Guide With Expert Tips!”

  1. Hi, I have bought membrane, underlay and grass to lay on my concrete slabs. Do I need to lay all 3 or is just underlay and grass ok?

    • Hey Albert,

      If the slabs are in good condition with no rising damp then you do not have to use the membrane. If the slabs are wet and green from damp then use the membrane, but be careful of it slipping so be sure to use some spikes to hold everything in place.

      Hope this helps


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