How To Paint A Garage Door Using The Best Paints?

When it comes to painting a garage door you need to make sure you apply the best paint for the job. The majority of garage doors in the UK are metal and should be prepared so your new coat of paint will last the test of time.

Garage Door Painting and Preperation Guide
Garage Door Painting and Preperation Guide

A good garage door paint should dry extremely hard and create a sheen that helps with rust by creating a barrier for year-round elements and bad weather.

Preparing Your Garage Door For Painting

Before painting your garage door you “MUST” remove any sheen from the original paint.

You must not paint over a high sheen paint because you will find after a few weeks it will start to bubble and peel away.

Garage Door Painting - Example
Garage Door Painting – Example

Use a sand pad or a sanding block to take the sheen away and dull the original paint. You can take it back to the steel if you want a rock-solid paint job, but this will take time.

We would advise you to take away the sheen and create a key so the new garage paint will grip and set rock hard.

  1. Use rough grade sandpaper to score and dull the original paint
  2. Once you have sanded your garage door paint check for rust
  3. If the rush is flaking then remove any loose flakes
  4. Apply red oxide paint to the affected area

Use Red Oxide Paint

If your garage door is old and has more than one rust spot then I would suggest you cover your garage door in red oxide.

Red oxide acts as a primer, but more importantly, stops the rust from spreading and reduces any more rust from taking hold of your garage door.

  • Prevents rust
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduces moisture
  • Protects from bad weather

Best Red Oxide Paint (Rustins Metal Primer)

Rustins Red Oxide Primer
Rustins Red Oxide Primer

When it comes to red oxide Rustins have produced an effective paint that will prime your garage door and prevent rust.

They provide a litre tin @£13 – 15 which is enough to cover your garage door back to front!

It’s a quick quick-drying formula so you can apply this stuff and start applying your garage paint about 60-90 minutes after applying.

But this depends on the weather on hot days it will dry much faster!

Rustins Metal Primer Details
  • Brand: Rustins Red Oxide
  • Colours: Red
  • Paint Type: Primer Metal
  • Price: 1lire @£13-15

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Applying Garage Paint

Once your red oxide paint has dried and you are happy you have covered all rust spots if any, then now is the time to prepare to start painting.

You can use a brush and a roller when painting your garage door.

  • Check the weather report
  • Cover the floor with a dust sheet or sheeting
  • Use a good paintbrush for cutting in and filling grooves
  • Use the roller once you have cut-in groves/ handle
  • When using a roller always go up and down
  • Apply two coats to be sure you have applied enough paint

TOP TIP: Before painting oil the garage door mechanism with grease or WD-40.

The Best Garage Door Paints

Here is the garage paint I have been using for many years.

They provide a solid finish that lasts for many years there is no need for a primer unless your garage door has rust spots.

#1 Hammerite Garage Door Paint

Hammerite Garage Door Paint
The Hammerite Garage Door Paint

Hammerite is one of the leading metal paints in the UK, but are more known for their leading radiator paint line.

What many users do not know is they have many leading metal type paints that beat the competition almost every time!

Their garage paint line is our best pick because it covers every time. does not need a primer and dries rock solid!

With many colours and a high-sheen makes Hammerite lasts for many years!

Hammerite Garage Door Paint Details
  • Brand: Hammerite Garage Door
  • Colours: Various
  • Primer needed: No
  • Price: 750ml @£13-16

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#2 Rust-Oleum All-Surface Paint

Rust-Oleum All Surface Paint
Rust-Oleum All Surface Paint

Our next pic is the Rust-Oleum outside paint that is suitable for all surfaces.

Although it is not a specific garage door paint, it still covers anything because it’s thick, easy to use and rock-solid once set!

Another reason why have chosen the Rust-Oleum all-purpose paint is the colour choices, they have over 20 different colours for you to choose from.

Rust-Oleum Details
  • Brand: Rust-Oleum All Surface
  • Colours: over 20!
  • Primer needed: No
  • Price: 750ml @£17-21

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These two paints listed above are the best options when it comes to garage paints.

They are not the cheapest products, but when it comes to painting outside metal you must ALWAYS use the best.

If you use an inferior garage/metal paint then your efforts will be in vain because they never last the test of time!

Painting your garage will also change the look and feel of your house, so be sure to use the right paint for the right job.

Happy Painting 😉

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