How to Paint A Stone, Render or Brick Wall?

Many contractors and DIYers have their own preferred and varied way to paint a render, stone or brick wall.

How To Paint A Render, Stone Or Brick Wall
How To Paint A Render, Stone Or Brick Wall

So we will share our own way that we have been using for over 30 years.

Our preferred way seals and protects the wall from moisture and stops it from flaking and peeling after a few months.

There is nothing worse than preparing and painting your wall only to discover it has started to flake after a few weeks after all your hard work.

For stone, brick or render walls to “HOLD” the paint you “MUST” seal it before you begin painting, this is because stone, brick and render will suck the moisture from your paint and cause it to flake and peel off.

Our tips cover the whole process from start to finish and will help you successfully paint your wall and keep it in good condition for many years.

Preparing Your Render, Stone Or Brick Wall For Painting

For a good finish, you must prepare your wall for painting, the more attention to detail at this stage of painting will greatly improve the finished job.

If you render is new then you will not need to make any preparation, but if it’s old then you should use a mix of sand and cement and repair any scuffs, holes of fallen render.

For stone and brickwork walls the same applies to use a mortar mix and fill in any broken missing joints.

  1. Clean any moss with a stiff brush
  2. Fill any broken or loose joints with a mortar mix
  3. Repair loose or cracked render

Use a 3 to 1 mix, three parts sand to one cement/mortar mix. This will be strong enough to patch both render and joints between the bricks and stones.

Paying close attention to detail will improve the look of your wall once painted.

Do I need To Prime Render, Brick And Stone Walls

Yes, you need to prime a stone, brick or render wall. But for it to look great and avoid any peeling and cracks you must follow this simple trick we use on every job.

Grab yourself some PVA/wood glue and mix it with an equal amount of water, this mixture will seal your wall and prime it for painting. Using this solution works every time without fail.

Mix PVA glue with an equal amount of water and paint your wall, this will seal the wall and stop it from sucking the moisture from your paint.

Once you have sealed and left it to dry (30 minutes) you are ready to paint.

Best Paint For Render, Brick & Stone?

We have been using Santex and Weathershield for many years, it not the cheapest paint line but it gives you a great finish that lasts.

If you are going to use a cheaper brand then you will need many coats to get the desired colour.

These masonry paints come in many colours and you have the option yo go for smooth and or textured.

How To Paint A Masonry Wall

There is no quick way to paint a render, stone or brick wall!

You can use a roller on smooth render and brickwork but when it comes to stone you will need to use a 4-inch brush.


Make sure you have followed the steps above and your wall will look great once it has received a few coats of paint.

It will not peel or crack if you use the PVA mix solution!

Remember a roller will make a lot of mess, so be sure to cover the floor because masonry paint is not easy to remove.

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