How To Gloss And Paint Skirting Boards With The Carpet Down?

If you have been decorating and want to paint your skirting boards with the carpet down then there is only one way to achieve this.

Gaffer Tpe When Glossing Skirting Boards
Gaffer Tape When Glossing Skirting Boards

Apart from taking the carpet up, you will have to use gaffer tape.

Gloss paint is not what you want on your carpet because once it dries it becomes hard but flexible.

This makes it nearly impossible to get off even with white spirit, you will have to cut it out of the carpet to remove it.

Only Use Gaffer-Tape

Do not use masking tape because the gloss will make it shrivelled and paint will leak onto the carpet. You must use the heavy-duty tape called gaffer tape.

Once you have your gaffer tape to hand, cut about a metre length and place it next to the skirting board.

When you lay this stuff on the carpet be sure to get as close to the skirting board but not touch it.

How To Apply Gaffer Tape?

Do this at metre length and overlap an inch when you move around the room or up the stairs!

Push the edges down until you reach the grippers and you will protect your carpet from gloss paint.

Remember do not use masking tape because the gloss paint is strong and will warp it because it’s sticky paper.

Once you gloss has dried carefully and slowly pull the gaffer tape from your carpet, you will be left with bright white skirting boards and no gloss to cut off the carpet.

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