How To Prepare And Paint Concrete Steps?

Over time concrete steps can start looking run-down and unpleasant on the eye. In this how-to guide, I will reveal an easy to understand guide to repairing and painting your concrete steps to make them safe and looking great once again.

Guide To Painting Concrete Steps
Guide To Painting Concrete Steps

TOP TIP: Remember not any masonry paint will do! You MUST use a non-slip floor paint for safety reasons.

Preparing Your Concrete Steps

When it comes to painting and decorating, preparation is the key to a successful job that lasts the test of time.

Before painting your concrete steps you must prepare them for painting.

Painted Concrete Steps - Example
Painted Concrete Steps – Example

If they are damaged or cracked then you need to make sure the steps are sound, smooth and none of the steel structure is showing.

Pre-Painting Prep List

  • Concrete mix
  • Exterior filler
  • A soft brush (small)
  • Broom(large stiff brush)
  • Scraper
  • Bucket
  • Pointing Trowel
  • PVA
  • Water

If your concrete steps have been previously painted then be sure to remove as much old paint as possible with your scraper.

But, be sure not to dig too much into the concrete because you will need to fill these scuffs.

Once you have removed as much paint as possible grab your stiff brush and brush the steps all over. This will remove any loose grit and reveal where to need to repair.

Filling your steps

Filling your steps is the next task, depending on the size of the scuffs or cracks you will need to use exterior filler or a cement mix.

If the hole is bigger than 1″ then you must use the cement because the filler will crack if the hole is too big.

  • Use a cement mix for holes over 1″
  • Anything under 1″ should be filled with an exterior filler
  • Do not use the cement mix for shallow holes under 1/2″

TOP TIP: Once your cement starts to turn and dry use a soft brush to match it with the surrounding concrete. If your concrete steps have a smooth finish then rub with a soft brush if the surrounding cement is rough then use a stiff brush to finish the concrete repair.

If you are using filler then rough sandpaper will be better than finer sandpaper.

You do not want to make your filler too smooth because it will show when you come to paint the steps.

Priming Your Concrete Steps

Once you have repaired your concrete steps then now is the time to prime the steps, weather permitting!

We use a simple way to prime concrete ready for painting and that is PVA glue, mixed 1/2 with water.

This priming mix will seal your concrete steps and ready for painting! This method works every time, it’s cheap and works better than any concrete primer.

Mix your PVA with 1/2 water and grab a large brush and apply the milky solution.

Once this dries it will be clear and stops the concrete from sucking out the moisture from your paintwork making it flake and peel away.

Painting Your Concrete Steps

When it comes to painting your concrete steps you must use non-slip paint because once it rains masonry paint becomes very slippery (see below).

You can use a roller or a large paintbrush do not use a sprayer because the paint is to thick and will just clog up your sprayer.

TOP TIP: using electrical tape to make a design always looks good if you want to do something different.

Always start at the top of the concrete staircase and work your way down. This is much safer and you will be able to concentrate on the job at hand easier.

The Best Concrete Paint For Stairs

When it comes to floor paints then there is only one brand that provides great colours and a thick solution that covers and lasts the test of time.

Leyland Trade Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Leyland Floor Paint
The Leyland Floor Paint

Leyland supplies great floor paint that is cost-effective and hard-wearing.

So, no matter how much traffic your concrete stairway gets it is not going to fade or rub away anytime soon.

They have many colours available that will transform your concrete staircase for the better.



Painting concrete steps is a very rewarding DIY job that will make a huge improvement to your home.

If done correctly you will have a safe and great looking concrete staircase your neighbours will be envious of.

Follow the simple preparation techniques and use the right paint.

Happy Painting 😉

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  1. Thank you for the info on how to seal and paint concrete steps.
    I will follow your instructions and have a whale of a time doing this project.

    Will I do the same for the concrete patio floor as I want to brighten this up?
    I can jet the stairs and floor before filling cracks andthen seal it.
    How long do I have to wait before painting after sealing?

    Once again thank you for the tips



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